Leon Wieseltier
Literary Editor

No, Science Doesn't Have All the Answers
August 07, 2013

Kibbitzing with Leon Wieseltier on scientism, threats to the humanities, and the highbrow/lowbrow wars.

Which City Has the Most Status Anxiety?
July 26, 2013

An irregular video-interview series with New Republic Literary Editor Leon Wieseltier 

Egypt's Pathetic Liberals
July 18, 2013

History's first cool coup is a disaster for liberalism in Egypt.

The American Left Turns Away from Syria's Agony
June 14, 2013

"Stay out of Syria!” screams the cover of The New York Review of Books. It would have been graphically cumbersome, I guess, or bad for newsstand sales, to have printed it this way: “Ignore the Murder of a Hundred Thousand People and the Massacre of Children and the Use of Chemical Weapons and the Bombing of a Civilian Population by Its Government and Millions of Displaced Persons Outside Syria and Millions of Displaced Persons Inside Syria and the Destabilization of Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan and the Aggression of Hezbollah and the Ascendancy of Iran!” 

Idealism and Blindness
Of flaking paint and blemishes
June 10, 2013

Many years ago, as I was leafing through a book in which I had no interest, I found one of the saddest stories in the world.

"Perhaps Culture is Now the Counterculture"
A Defense of the Humanities
May 28, 2013

On May 19, New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier spoke at the commencement ceremony of Brandeis University, addressing the graduates as "fellow humanists." Here is a text of his talk.

Obama's Timidity on Syria: Lessons from a Fiasco
May 08, 2013

A reporter who visited the White House last week brought back the news that the criticism of President Obama’s immobility about the Syrian disaster has “begun to sting.” Good. Something got through. 

Don't Move On
The Boston massacre and our emotional efficiency
April 24, 2013

Moving on is one of the quintessential expressions of the American spirit, and of the American shallowness. 

Obama Crosses His Own Red Line
The president turns a blind eye to Syria's use of chemical weapons
April 18, 2013

Obama has a problem. On August 20, 2012, he declared that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian dictator is his “red line.” It appears that in March a chemical weapon was used in Khan al-Asal in the province of Aleppo. The game is on. 

What Big Data Will Never Explain
March 26, 2013

Against the messianic conception of data—Big Data.