When Clueless Wealth Stops Being Funny
March 08, 2012

All of us, yours truly certainly included, have had our fun so far this campaign over Mitt Romney's cluelessness about his extreme wealth, the litany of lines that betray just out of touch a life spanning Cranbrook Prep, Bain Capital and La Jolla has made him. But in today's Boston Globe, columnist Joan Vennochi offers a tart reminder that there are implications to this cluelessness that aren't funny at all.

UPDATED: Obama’s Deal on Birth Control Coverage
February 10, 2012

President Obama says his administration has found a way to do what it always said it wanted to do: Provide access to birth control, free of charge, while respecting the wishes of religious employers who object to contraception in principle. As ABC’s Jake Tapper was the first to report, the government will allow religious organizations to opt out of the requirement to include birth control coverage in their employee insurance plans.

What Voters Think About Romney’s Wealth, Ctd.
February 06, 2012

The new Washington Post-ABC poll is getting a lot of attention today for showing Barack Obama with his first clear edge over Mitt Romney.

Why Does the Media Keep Underestimating Newt?
January 20, 2012

CHARLESTON, S.C.—Thursday night’s four-top GOP debate made it official: The South Carolina primary has become a referendum on Newt Gingrich. Just 10 days after he was left in a dustbin labeled “Yesterday’s Man” after dismal finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Gingrich has confounded the experts yet again. The oft-derided and consistently under-estimated House speaker has now bested Jesus in his sheer number of resurrections—an association that can only help as the South Carolina primary vote looms.

Rick Santorum, A Marianne Man
January 19, 2012

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Rick Santorum's South Carolina campaign director, Kerry Wood, is hard at work presiding over a get out the vote operation in a vacant brick Cape Cod on a strip on the edge of town here, where 10 volunteers are manning the phones and a few others are sticking wires into lawn signs. He said he wouldn't have time to watch Newt Gingrich's second wife, Marianne, expound on her former husband's desire for an "open marriage" in an ABC interview Thursday night.

Live Free or Die of Boredom: Why This Is the Least Exciting New Hampshire Primary Ever
January 09, 2012

Rochester, N.H.—Having emerged unbloodied Sunday morning from the weekend’s debate double-header, Mitt Romney barreled down Route 101 at more than 80 miles an hour towards a noon rally at the Rochester Opera House. (I can verify the speedometer reading since the Romney campaign bus zoomed past me in a 65-mile-an-hour zone and I tailed it until it turned off the highway). The front-runner’s haste was understandable, since Romney wants this primary inscribed in the record books before his double-digit lead vanishes.

Mitt Romney, Much Obliged
January 08, 2012

What better person than the French-speaking Mitt Romney to lay bare the pure beating heart of noblesse oblige. Sunday morning's NBC debate in Concord, N.H. was a vast improvement over the ABC one the night before -- it occurred to the non-Romney candidates that they might want to train their fire on the man who's up 20 points in the New Hampshire polls. Their focus trailed off as the debate progressed, but Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich did manage to produce a revealing exchange at the outset regarding Romney's motivations to enter politics.

The Great Granite State Getaway
January 08, 2012

ROCHESTER, N.H. -- Four years ago, the Republican candidates for president met for a final debate before the New Hampshire primary. Mitt Romney had been the presumed frontrunner but was no longer -- he had been embarrassed by Mike Huckabee in Iowa and was facing a resurgent John McCain in New Hampshire. Yet his rivals could not resist going after him, even in his weakened state. They ganged up on Romney in a tag team, taking turns with their shots and cackling in glee whenever someone else landed a hit.

Five Thoughts on the GOP Debate
December 15, 2011

Watch the latest video at And that's a wrap. The Republican presidential candidates are done debating, at least until the caucuses and primaries begin. Who won Thursday night's event in Iowa? Who lost? I have no idea, as I'm neither an Iowan nor a Republican. But here are five semi-informed (and perhaps semi-intelligent) observations on what transpired.  1. Proof that Newt Gingrich is in trouble. Go back and pay attention to Mitt Romney’s answers on Thursday night. He talked about the economy and his experience in the private sector.

The ‘Mancession’ Fallacy: A New Sitcom That Gets Everything Wrong About Our Economic Recovery
December 14, 2011

The economists and policy wonks at ABC’s creative department have found a novel solution to the jobs crisis and, lucky for us, it comes in the form of a sitcom.