Sam Lipsyte's Meta Family Fiction
February 05, 2013

In his new short story collection, Sam Lipsyte explores his father's fiction.

Why Social Movements Should Ignore Social Media
February 05, 2013

Groups like Occupy Wall Street embraced the open-source logic of the Internet as an organizing principle. It explains a lot about why movements fail. 

Edward Muybridge: Grandfather of the GIF
February 04, 2013

How an eccentric photographer from the 1800s invented modern visual culture.

The Trouble with Wall Street
February 04, 2013

Twenty five years ago I quit a job on Wall Street to write a book about Wall Street.

Barnes & Noble: A Tribute
February 04, 2013

Allow me a moment to sing the praises of Waldenbooks—yes, Waldenbooks, the Borders subsidiary that privileged grab-and-go buying ahead of casual browsing.

The Problem with Tweeting a Revolution
January 31, 2013

Andy Carvin, "the man who tweets revolutions," logged 1,000 tweets a day about the uprisings of the Arab Spring. He says social media helped him understand events better than he would have if he'd been there. His triumphalist online-journalism memoir makes it clear that he missed a lot along the way. 

George Saunders: Literary Champion of the Little Man
January 30, 2013

George Saunders creates sci-fi-flavored, futuristic dystopias in his fiction. He is also the most perceptive author writing today about the modern working world.

Chick Lit Has a New Heroine
January 29, 2013

Print journalism was once a reliable career path for the leading ladies of chick lit—now, not so much. But there is a strange glamour to the new media heroine.  

Why Rehab Fails
January 29, 2013

Almost all rehabs in America adhere to the intransigent dogma promoted by AA. Some just have better views and higher thread counts.  

Sound Check: W.S. Merwin’s Love of Foreign Language
January 25, 2013

A translator who puts his mark on poems—a bit too strongly.