The Conductor
April 05, 2012

In this new biography, Peter McPhee is quite right to point out that Robespierre was in no sense a pathological freak. He was perfectly capable of ord

For Midnight's Children
April 04, 2012

There is the countervailing widespread public opinion in India that children’s books should be utilitarian, printed in functional English, and crammed

Who Really Rules?
April 03, 2012

Rebecca MacKinnon's new book offers a persuasive history of recent global protest movements, and serves as a primer on the role that Internet technolo

April 02, 2012

From all the fawning over Mad Men, you’d think that Andrew Cracknell would at least discuss the wider role of advertising in popular culture, which fo

The Very Deadliest Habit
March 29, 2012

Moral outrage over the tobacco industry’s century-long (and counting) merchandising of death colors every word of Golden Holocaust, from the title pag

When General Grant Expelled the Jews, A Response, Part 2
March 28, 2012

  Of all people, surely my esteemed colleague, Jonathan Sarna, should know that attentive, careful and thoughtful readers—and reviewers—take their cues and draw their conclusions from both the tone and the substance of what is put before them. Jenna Weissman Joselit *To read Jenna Weissman Joselit’s original review, click here. *To read Jonathan D. Sarna’s response, click here.

When General Grant Expelled the Jews, A Response
March 28, 2012

  To The Editor: I am glad that Jenna Weissman Joselit found my When General Grant Expelled the Jews “richly researched,” “lively,” and “suggestive.” In claiming that “General Orders No. 11 turned out to be a very good thing,” and that “by the time he has his way with Grant, the man ranks right up there with Washington and Lincoln,” however, she substitutes exaggerations of her own creation for anything that I actually wrote or believe. My clearly stated and  appropriately nuanced argument is that General Orders No.

The Reverse Commute
March 28, 2012

Akash Kapur is part of a group of Indians and half-Indians who have returned to India in the past ten years and written about their experiences. For m