The Accommodator
April 23, 2012

In contending against what he sees as an America afflicted with too many heresies, Ross Douthat’s book, Bad Religion, is riddled with mistakes of fact

With (and Without) God on Our Side
April 19, 2012

In Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith, in over six hundred pages, Andrew Preston charts the scope and the centrality of religion in American politic

Crossing You in Style
April 18, 2012

You love Henry Mancini. You might not know it but you do. If you have ever popped your lips through the opening bars of the theme to The Pink Panther

Only the Lonely
April 17, 2012

In Going Solo, Eric Klinenberg’s aim is not to moralize about singledom or to add to the growing body of crisis literature about the state of loneline

April 16, 2012

In The Orphan Master’s Son, Adam Johnson has provided a striking sketch of this horrific psychological landscape; he shows that the people of North Ko

The First Pilgrims
April 12, 2012

In his new book on Latino Catholicism, Matovina argues that American Catholics must reclaim Latino Catholic history not only because it is true, but a

China Hoops
April 11, 2012

As Jim Yardley writes in Brave Dragons, a narrative of the year he spent with a team from the coal-belt city of Taiyuan, the Chinese basketball league

Poems and Persons
April 10, 2012

Being Numerous takes up the long and quixotic history of poets with ambitions as outsized as Yeats’s, such as George Oppen, Frank O’Hara, and a big gr

He's Back!
April 09, 2012

What has been missing until now, in the English-speaking world, is a clear, comprehensive, and well-grounded introduction to Herodotus, designed for t