Capitalism Is Regulation
July 05, 2012

Critics of Wall Street argue that the financial crisis proves that deregulation failed. The erstwhile defenders of financial deregulation are on the d

Hamilton? Jefferson?
July 03, 2012

In our current slough of economic despair, is it time for Americans to recognize that we should all become Hamiltonians, following the genius of our f

The School Question
July 02, 2012

The problem of the place of religion in the American public school—the “school question”—has never had a settled answer. It was a question which the f

Sad New World
June 28, 2012

In her methodical march across the nation’s history, Susan J. Matt shows that we are reluctant immigrants, hesitant pioneers, unenthusiastic warriors,

Painting Ugly
June 27, 2012

How Should a Person Be?, based on recorded conversations between Heti and her friends, describes a woman named Sheila making a life in Toronto after l

Only A Bit of Hell
June 26, 2012

Luke Harding’s new book is called Expelled: A Journalist’s Descent into the Russian Mafia State, but the title is not entirely accurate. In fact, many

The Other Horror
June 25, 2012

At the end of World War II, between twelve and fourteen million people, ethnic Germans, were forcibly expelled from Eastern Europe, or, if they had al

Wild Animal
June 21, 2012

Fat City never feels air-conditioned. It is a slim, tough novel, a story about boxers in Stockton, California, a sizeable town and an agricultural cen

Border Crossings
June 20, 2012

It is the tenebrous topography of memory that forms a basis for Geoffrey Hartman’s newest endeavor. In his preface to The Third Pillar, Hartman repeat