Overruled: How Conservative Was Chief Justice Rehnquist?
October 02, 2012

That Rehnquist was a conservative who tended to vote against parties whom liberals favor is true. The question is what to make of this observation.

Tariq Ramadan’s Arab Winter
October 01, 2012

At the heart of Ramadan’s critique is the idea that “ideological imperialism” continues. The Arab Spring, however, has put Ramadan in a sticky spot.

Past Lives: A Memoir of Family Secrets and Lies
September 28, 2012

Few people manage to view themselves with the candor and subtlety that Roth summons in The Scientists.

The Life and Death of a Capital
September 27, 2012

Throughout the 1920s, the national capital became a by-word for artistic experimentation, and hedonism of every variety.

Boho Blues: What To Do When Your Brooklyn Neighborhood Loses Its Edge
September 26, 2012

Robert Anasi suffer from a fatal lack of self-awareness, which constitutes its own brand of narcissism.

Memory Babe: Kerouac’s Girlfriend Remembers
September 25, 2012

Johnson’s closeness to Kerouac is invaluable for Johnson the memoirist, it is limiting for Johnson the disinterested biographer.

The Me Meme: How Social Media Works—And Doesn’t
September 24, 2012

Have social media networks ever really been the arbiters of change we think they are?

The War of the Words: How to Update a Dictionary
September 20, 2012

Is this debate over a crowdsourced dictionary a product of the digital age? Hardly.

The Sabermetricians: The Digital Innovations that Win Campaigns
September 19, 2012

The Victory Lab represents a valuable attempt to unveil the innovations revolutionizing campaign politics.

The Hypocrite: Strom Thurmond’s Lasting Legacy
September 18, 2012

As Joseph Crespino’s new biography makes clear, Thurmond lacked the integrity even of his own publicly proclaimed racism.