A Middlemarch for Middle America
October 31, 2012

The strength of Attenberg’s modest but effective novel is that she convinces us that the way the Middlesteins live is, indeed, the way we live now.

The End of a Friendship and the Start of the Cold War
October 30, 2012

For Frank Costigliola, the Cold War began the day Roosevelt died.

Room for Improvement—Emma Donoghue’s Limp Short Stories
October 29, 2012

Emma Donoghue's stories are all explication, a series of novels in miniature.

Eat More Meat—Unfashionable Advice from a New Cookbook
October 26, 2012

All meat, all the time. For a cookbook that purports to be something of a response to contemporary concerns, this is a single-minded volume.

Why IQs Rise
October 25, 2012

In spite of his new book’s title, Flynn does not suggest a simple yes or no answer to this question.

Why Democrats Need the White Working Class
October 24, 2012

What’s The Matter with White People is really about what’s the matter with the white working class.

P.S. VIP—What Exam Schools Offer
October 23, 2012

When it comes to education, have we neglected to raise the ceiling while we've struggled to life the floor?

The Poet Politician—Chinua Achebe’s Civil War
October 22, 2012

There Was a Country, a personal memoir, is a literal explanation of what happens when “the center cannot hold.”

Spy v. Spy: How a Double Agent Won D-Day for the Allies
October 19, 2012

Juan Pujol, who never fought on the front lines, is not a Stephen Ambrose–style war hero. He was, at his core, a con man.

One Whale Too Many: Arthur Conan Doyle’s Arctic Adventure
October 18, 2012

Now published for the first time, Conan Doyle's Arctic adventures offer a pre-Holmes glimpse of the writer.