September 17, 2013

Howard Kurtz Needs to Stop Begging Viewers to Tweet at Him
10:18 AM

Perhaps the most notable feature of Howard Kurtz’s new Fox News show “Media Buzz” is how relentlessly it reminds us to tweet at it. “We wanna hear from you!” Kurtz said at the beginning of Sunday’s show. “Send me a tweet!

September 16, 2013

Stop Forcing Your Kids to Learn a Musical Instrument

Our daughter Rebekah, who is in second grade, takes three after-school classes every week. On Monday there is violin; on Wednesday, Hebrew; and on Thursday, ballet.

The Inspiring Story of How One Food Bank Got Healthy

May 1998. The Stop, a small food bank in Toronto, doesn’t open for another hour but already a lineup has formed at the double-steel doors opening into a back street. I nod at one of the guys, someone I recognize, and he looks back at me hopefully.

An Online Virtual World Tried to Build Democracy, and Things Got Complicated
3:18 PM

The arrival of the internet brought with it unprecedented means of human connection, and the most extraordinary of all of these can be found within the worlds of online games.

What Bustle's Funding Really Shows Us
8:38 AM

What does it look like when you mix up journalism and the tech-world ethos? That's a question that's been asked a lot lately, when Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post (and when Chris Hughes bought this magazine).

September 15, 2013

Abolish Public Schools: Ron Paul's Education Proposal
8:00 PM

Do you have an eight-year-old child? Is your son or daughter currently being educated by a teacher, in a school? If so, you are a failure as a parent, and as an American.

The Mystery Surrounding an Animal Never Fully Domesticated
12:00 AM

Earlier this year, the BBC2 programme Horizon affixed “cat-cams” to 50 feline inhabitants of the Surrey village of Shamley Green to learn what the moggies got up to once they had exited the catflap and embraced their inner catness.

September 14, 2013

Stop Picking on the D.C. Elite!
This town is no worse than your town
8:00 PM

I've been having an argument with a friend of mine, a veteran Washington journalist, about whether it can really be true that where I live (an apartment building on the Upper West Side of New York, all of whose residents are Columbia faculty members)

J.M. Coetzee's Stunning New Novel Shows What Happens When a Nobel Winner Gets Really Weird
12:00 AM

Coetzee has become the preeminent author of evasion, but his new novel is a direct literary delight.

September 13, 2013

Michelle Pfeiffer's Evolution: From 'Scarface' to 'The Family'
3:59 PM

Suppose I asked, do you want to meet “Michelle," what would you expect? You might wonder, “Does he mean the first lady?” But the more you think about “Michelle,” the younger the name seems.