May 08, 2014

Gustave Flaubert Was Not A Realist

Despite what you may have been taught. 

May 07, 2014

Monica Lewinsky Is the Perfect Person to Kick Off the Conversation About Hillary Clinton's Presidency
11:59 PM

The story of the affair is the story of women in the United States: marginalized, sexualized, and pitted against each other.

J Street's Rejection Is a Scandal
8:00 PM

The exclusion of an opinion is not a refutation of it.

My Drive Through the Saudi Desert
8:00 PM

How did I end up driving the five hundred and twenty-five miles from Jeddah to Riyadh with a stranger?

May 06, 2014

Teaching Kids 'Grit' is All the Rage. Here's What's Wrong With It.

The problem with the KIPP character-education model—and what it means for adherents of Paul Tough's child-rearing wisdom.

There's a Legal War Over the Definition of Rape

A Yale Law professor wades into a decades-long fight over what we mean when we say "rape."

Check Your Usage of "Check Your Privilege"
12:08 PM

The phrase has become a weapon rather than a reminder.

This Remarkable Collection Retells Classic Short Stories With a Feminist Twist
11:29 AM

Typically it takes bribery to get me to read straight through a short story collection.

Conservative Christians Just Won a Huge Case. Why Won't They Celebrate?
11:17 AM

The Supreme Court just handed down a big victory for social conservatives. But their reaction has been muted. It seems outrage against secular triumphs is more fun than celebrating their own wins.

May 05, 2014

'Louie' Is Back, as Strange and Dreamlike as Ever
11:13 PM

Our foremost stand-up philosopher returns to TV, with two episodes that explore aging, mortality, money, and sex with his unique brand of morose uplift.