November 16, 2013

When Religion Had a Mind
The history of philosophical religion
8:00 PM

All religions have one thing in common: philosophy.

November 15, 2013

The Zen Buddhist Who Preyed on His Upper East Side Students

What happened at Manhattan's Zen Studies Society?

Politico Magazine Looks Like an In-Flight Magazine
Of Air Force One?
10:50 AM

The D.C. political paper produces a magazine. Critics pounce.

If You Think the NYPD is Like Dunder Mifflin, You'll Love 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
9:32 AM

Seeking laughs with a surprisingly conservative sitcom 

Georgia O'Keefe Outblazed Other Female Painters of Her Time
March 18, 1925
8:00 AM

An early look at one of America's most beloved painters. 

November 14, 2013

'Homeland' Is Falling Apart Before Our Very Eyes
8:00 PM

It’s as hard to keep a longform television narrative going as it is to raise a child. Sometimes shorter forms are tempting, with old-hat conventions like climax and closure.

The Daily Show’s “Racist or Not Racist” Segment Was Offensively Funny
1:31 PM

On last night’s "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart interviewed the excellent comedy duo Key and Peele, whose show on Comedy Central is one of the slyest, strangest treatments of race on TV.

The Five Worst Clips From Piers Morgan's Gun Control Crusade
8:06 AM

In the November 25th issue of the magazine, I wrote about the spectacle of Piers Morgan's gun control crusade, which required watching a brain-melting number of hours of Morgan's CNN show.