October 30, 2014

You Won't Like Frances McDormand in 'Olive Kitteridge' ... But You Might Love Her
8:00 PM

HBO's adaptation of the Pulitzer-winning book is fascinating and bleak.

Halloween Is Manufactured Fear. Mexico's Day of the Dead Is All Too Real.
6:09 PM

Even the harshest of realities—43 dead students—will not stop Mexicans from celebrating death this weekend.

Turning the Machines that Keep Patients Alive Into Art
4:13 PM

Piles of pacemakers, heart and lung machines...

Stop Treating Offensive Halloween Costumes as News
3:04 PM

It's just bad, lazy, uninteresting click-bait journalism.

Study: Genes, Not Just Medical Care, Affect Ebola Outcomes
2:05 PM

Some mice exposed to the virus were fine, others weren't.

Keep 'Honey Boo Boo' On the Air
There are lessons in the harsh realities of its characters' lives
1:53 PM

Taking it off the air misses an opportunity.

October 29, 2014

The Director of the Viral Catcalling Video Explains Why It Has So Few White Men
10:34 PM

Because the two-minute video was created from ten hours of footage, it raises questions about omission.

How Female Comedians Went from Self-Hating to the Self-Help Shelf
Amy Poehler's new book is the latest in a boomlet of you-go-girl guides
10:04 PM

Her new book is self-help—and it's fabulous