February 03, 2015


A poem in memoriam of Ferguson.

February 02, 2015

America's Billionaires Are Turning Public Parks Into Playgrounds for the Wealthy
9:00 PM

The rise of the "independent manager" and the decline of public space. 

Who's Afraid of Marshawn Lynch?
8:57 PM

Seattle didn't give the ball to their star running back—and some of his teammates say politics may have played a part.

Why Clusters of Anti-Vaxxers Can Cause Measles Outbreaks in America
12:10 PM

When people go unvaccinated the results are brutal.

January 30, 2015

Does Domestic Violence Really Increase on Super Bowl Sunday?
5:52 PM

In the 1990s, reporters began circulating a disturbing "statistic."

The Invisible Josh Gordon
3:39 PM

The troubled NFL player's letter was a plea not for help, but to be seen.

'Parenthood' is Dead. Long Live the Sentimental Family Drama.
10:49 AM

I may have been the sole stone-hearted viewer in America who watched all of last night’s series finale with dry eyes. 

January 29, 2015

Americans Support Scientists—They Just Don't Want to Listen to Them

This study proves what our politics have long suggested.