February 23, 2015

Essential Life Lessons From Mike Allen
2:12 PM

“If you haven't met her, she ain't your girlfriend, dude.”

Kazuo Ishiguro Has Written His Riskiest Novel Yet
12:52 PM

Ishiguro's first novel in ten years is a strange amalgam of themes that have haunted much of his career. 

The Whitewashed Oscars Redeemed Hollywood With a Surprisingly Political Ceremony
9:14 AM

Sometimes politics sneaks into art. Other times, it kicks in the door. 

February 22, 2015

February 21, 2015

Why 'Selma' Didn't Win Best Picture
9:00 PM

No, it had nothing to do with the acting or script.

February 20, 2015

Obama Loves America, But Not the One Giuliani Does
6:15 PM

The former mayor's softer brand of birtherism.

Both "Birdman" and "Boyhood" Are Stunts. Only One Works.
3:59 PM

Your Best Picture choice might depend on whether you prefer toolbox or toybox moviemaking. 

Don't Worry, Julianne Moore's Marriage Is Safe. The Oscar Curse Is a Myth.
1:57 PM

Women are actually less likely to get divorced after winning an Oscar.

This Scruffy Animated Short About a Blue-Collar Pig Should Win the Oscar
6:43 AM

You could have made every Best Picture winner of the past six years for the cost of any one of the Best Animated Feature winners in that time.

February 19, 2015