September 19, 2014

The Timeless Charm of Lauren Bacall
8:00 PM

A feminist before there was feminism.

What Robert Burns Would Have Made of Scottish Independence
Robert Burns helped to forge a pride of place that has become a reservoir of national identity
5:00 PM

The poet helped forge Scotland's national identity.

We Shouldn't Forget Liberalism's Religious Roots
5:00 PM

21st-century liberalism is a pale shadow of its 19th-century ancestor.

Ebola Is Spreading Way Faster Than Anyone Predicted
4:35 PM

The current outbreak is off the charts.

Finally, a Russian Jewish Novel Breaks Out of the Autobiographical Rut

New novel asks how the heroism of Soviet-era Jewish dissidents becomes a blueprint for political action for a new generation.

George Orwell Wrote One of the Most Incensed Takedowns of American Fashion Magazines
11:30 AM

Even in the 1940s, he'd had enough of super skinny, unrealistic models. 

Jeffrey Tambor’s New Role Made Him “Throw-Up Nervous”
12:00 AM

He's playing a woman for the first time.

Do Ultra-Orthodox Jews Have Better Sex?
Wisdom from Oprah's favorite new rabbi
12:00 AM

"Religious Jewish couples are supposed to practice eyes-open sex."

September 18, 2014

The Real Stories of Disabled Men Who Pay for Sex
They don't do it for the reasons you think
10:00 PM

How they do it, why they do it, and what else they want from it. 

The Duck Penis Paradox
Is too much Internet pop science drowning out the serious stuff?
8:00 PM

Science, science, everywhere! But is it all for real?