David Frum

Keynes Vs. Hayek, The False Debate
May 02, 2011

The right-wing Mercatus Center has another, wildly popular Keynes vs. Hayek rap. David Frum notices the moment when it slides right past the central issue: The conservative insistence on pretending that central planning is the issue has rendered conservatism mute and useless (when not actively counter-productive) on the actual burning question of the day: How do we recover most rapidly from the worst economic calamity to hit the US since World War II? To this, the modern Keynesians have an answer. To this, the modern self-described Hayekians don’t.

April 13, 2011

-- Jon Cohn's reaction to Obama's speech -- David Frum: Ryan gave Obama exactly what he wanted. -- Disgruntled Borders employees make good use of their free time.

April 07, 2011

-- Brad Plumer had a front row seat today to all the shutdown theatrics. -- David Frum tries to read Romney's mind, surprisingly doesn't flip-flop mid-piece. -- Bruce Bartlett weighs in on Paul Ryan's proposal.

The Path To Prosperity And The True Republican Agenda
April 07, 2011

My (subscriber only) TRB column evaluates Paul Ryan's budget on its own terms: The new GOP budget unveiled by Paul Ryan is a wildly cruel document. Yet pointing this out, as Democrats keep doing, seems only to flatter Ryan’s self-conception as a serious man telling hard truths. So let me instead concede Ryan’s moral premises. (Throw tens of millions of people off health care? Why not! Slash food stamps? It’ll just inspire the next Dickens!) Instead, let’s judge Ryan by his own standards. Does his plan, however cruel, actually address our fiscal realities?

Romney To Obama: You Never Call, You Never Write
April 04, 2011

This doesn't strike me as a really powerful push-back against the charge that the Affordable Care Act strongly resembles Romneycare: Mr. Romney gave his standard response, saying that if he were elected president, he would work to repeal the health care law passed under President Obama and grant waivers allowing states to opt out of it. A few moments later, he introduced a new line when asked whether he had the strength to aggressively challenge Mr. Obama. “He does me the great favor of saying that I was the inspiration of his plan. If that’s the case, why didn’t you call me?” Mr.

The Four Stations Of The GOP Cross
February 16, 2011

David Frum redefines the Republican coalition not as a three-legged stool but as a four point... something: Today though it’s more relevant to think of conservatism as an attempt to draw a line connecting four points: 1) No tax increase 2) No defense cuts 3) No Medicare cuts 4) Rapid move to a balanced budget. Obviously it’s impossible to meet all four of those commitments.

The Persecution Of Rush Limbaugh
February 04, 2011

The newest issue of Commentary has an ode to the goodness of Rush Limbaugh, authored by Wilfred M. McClay.

In Case Obama's Still Crashing His Speech
January 24, 2011

...David Frum has some pretty interesting ideas. A taste: The right kind of focused, temporary government spending can also be a powerful job creator. Over the next generation, we desperately need to improve our road, air, and rail networks and to modernize our systems for distributing electricity. We should be doing as much as possible of this work now, to spur recovery. Unfortunately, infrastructure investment has been a victim of our broken politics. The money does not go to the best projects. The money is earmarked by the most powerful politicians. We need a new tunnel under the Hudson.

Politics As High School
January 14, 2011

David Frum and Andrew Breitbart debate whether the former invited the latter to parties: Ah, the life of the mind. 

An Ambitious Shapeshifter Might Just Be A Good President
December 17, 2010

Great stuff today about Mitt Romney, with the highlight being David Frum’s defense of Romney as the Olive Garden candidate: I sometimes imagine that Romney approaches politics in the same spirit that the CEO of Darden Restaurants approaches cuisine. Darden owns Olive Garden, Longhorn steakhouses, and Red Lobster among other chains. Now suppose that Darden’s data show a decline in demand for mid-priced steak restaurants and a rising response to Italian family dining. Suppose they convert some of their Longhorn outlets to Olive Gardens. Is that “flip-flopping”?