Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor's New Wall Street Job Isn't Paying Him What He's Really Worth
September 02, 2014

Let's face it, he's earned himself way more than a $1.6 million signing bonus.

The Tea Party's Favorite Example of "Crony Capitalism" Is Proving True
June 24, 2014

If true, the Wall Street Journal report on bribery at the Export-Import bank is almost damning.

Dave Brat's Win Over Eric Cantor Exposed the Unholy Tea Party-Wall Street Alliance
June 12, 2014

Eric Cantor's loss was a much-needed clarifying moment. Here's why.

Democrats, Don't Dance on Cantor's Grave
June 12, 2014

Because you'll be digging your own in November.

A Populist Just Kneecapped Eric Cantor. Should Hillary Be Worried?
June 11, 2014

A populist just kneecapped Eric Cantor over his Wall Street ties. Could the same thing happen to Hillary Clinton?

Paul Ryan Can Save Congressional Republicans From Civil War—Here’s How
June 11, 2014

As is so often the case, there's a practical way for Republicans to handle the Cantor dilemma, and then there's what hardline conservatives want.

Eric Cantor Didn't Lose Because He's Jewish. But His Religion Has Caused Difficulties in Congress.
June 11, 2014

Portrayals of Cantor as an awkward grind—as someone who was no fun to be around—carried a whiff of cultural stereotyping.