Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor's Bold New Vision for America: No Medical Device Tax
His speech at the American Enterprise Institute was hardly what the press promised
February 05, 2013

His speech at the American Enterprise Institute was hardly what the press promised.

On Sandy Relief, GOP Is Stiffing Its Own
January 02, 2013

GOP House leaders skipped town without voting on Sandy relief—sticking it to Republican voters.

How to Solve the Fiscal Cliff? Start With a Gag Order
December 06, 2012

Obama and Boehner need to stop talking to the press and start talking to each other.

A New Starting Point for Immigration Reform
November 16, 2012

The surprising strength of the Latino vote in the 2012 presidential election has created an incentive for the Republican Party, poor performers with Latinos, to rethink their strategy for 2016. It’s also driving calls for change to the nation’s immigration laws. In the past week, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have spoken publicly about the need for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform.  The focus remains on Latinos because they are expected to grow their number of voters by 40 percent, and the Pew Hispanic Center projects the Latino electorate will double in size by 2030. Pr

Why Romney Came Out Against FEMA
October 29, 2012

Mitt Romney says we should let states handle disaster relief, with FEMA taking a back seat or shut down entirely. Here's what's behind that.

Mitt Romney and the 47 Percent
September 17, 2012

Mitt Romney's 47-percent remark clears up some terminology he's used previously.

TRB From Washington: Medicare and Brimstone
August 24, 2012

Democrats and Republicans always claim that if their presidential candidate loses then the country will suffer. But this year, the GOP’s rhetoric has become apocalyptic. Mitt Romney says that he is running for president because “this country we love is in peril.” He wants to “save the soul of America.” Romney’s running mate, Representative Paul Ryan, has a name for this looming Democrat catastrophe: the “tipping point.” In a 2010 speech, Ryan carried on like Kevin McCarthy in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. (“They’re here already!

Since When Is Swimming in the Sea of Galilee Scandalous?
August 21, 2012

Swimming in the Sea of Galilee is not scandalous or sacrilegious. It's refreshing.

Sheldon Adelson: No One Man Should Have All That Power
August 13, 2012

The sheer size of Sheldon Adelson's donations to Republican causes poses a real ethical quandary for Mitt Romney.

Soaking The Poor
May 17, 2012

I've written a lot about the push by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and other conservatives to raise taxes on the poor for the express purpose of lowering taxes on the rich. Writing in the Nation, Barbara Ehrenreich points out that local governments have been soaking the poor for years. In some jurisdictions you can get charged for occupying a jail cell; in 2009 one homeless woman in Michigan was incarcerated for falling behind on her $104 monthly payment for her 16 year-old's incarceration and was thereafter required to pay jail fees for her son and herself.