Hillary Clinton

Winning Immigration
November 05, 2007

Dems and Immigration: [Ezra Klein, TAPPED]: “You will, I'm convinced, need to win the border security debate before you can get into any of the more humane issues of paths to citizenship and protecting children.

Clinton Goes Green
November 05, 2007

Hillary Clinton just released her climate and energy plan, which can be read in full here. The broad outlines are just as audacious as what Edwards and Obama have proposed. She'd aim to curb U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent from 1990 levels by 2050—a goal urged by a growing number of scientists and green groups—through a cap-and-trade regime, with the pollution permits auctioned off rather than given away for free. That last bit is a key design point (see here for a handy explanation), and would help avoid some of the problems plaguing Europe's emissions-trading system.

Dems And Iraq, Cont'd
November 05, 2007

 Yglesias has some useful thoughts related to what I was saying about Iraq last night: [U]nlike on other issues, neither Hillary Clinton nor any of her rivals could afford to wait before talking about their plans for Iraq. As a result, the frontrunner has a stated position on Iraq today that's really based on the year-old Baker-Hamilton proposals.

Hillary And Bosnia Revisited
November 02, 2007

Someone called my attention today to an interesting nugget in Sally Bedell Smith's new book about the Clintons, For Love of Politics. It sheds a new ray of light on the mysterious subject of how Hillary Clinton developed her foreign policy worldview. Bedell Smith writes that in the spring of 1995, when Richard Holbrooke--then an assistant Secretary of State and now one of Hillary's key foreign policy advisors--"began secretly meeting with Hillary.": Two years earlier, Hillary had been dovish on Bosnia.

The Hillary Frenzy
November 01, 2007

                                                      With the media in a minor frenzy over Hillary Clinton's debate performance Tuesday night, I'm questioning my own judgment. After all, I had initially declared Hillary's performance not so bad. We'll see how much average voters think about her "bad" moments, including that awkward exchange on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants and her obfuscation on her White House papers. But the media has clearly been longing to "correct" the Hillary bubble lest the race became a total dud.

Girl Power
October 31, 2007

Over at his excellent site, Marc Ambinder has posted a memo from the Clinton campaign about last night's debate. It concludes: The American people are looking for a President who can stand strong and come out ahead under any circumstances. Last night, once again, that person was Hillary Clinton. One strong woman.

Hillary Vs. The Girly Men?
October 31, 2007

  This latest release from the Clinton camp seems to be trying to tell us something: The Politics Of Pile-On What happens when the “politics of pile-on” replaces the “politics of hope?” Hillary comes out on top. Despite the best efforts of her six fellow candidates to trip her up, Senator Clinton stood strong and made her case on critical issues like Iran, Iraq and Social Security.

The Dems' Debate In Philadelphia
October 31, 2007

The big question heading into tonight’s debate was how aggressively would Barack Obama and John Edwards hammer Hillary Clinton’s character, which recent internal-polling suggests is her greatest vulnerability. The answer was: very aggressively. Obama and Edwards spent much of the evening firing away at Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness. And, yet, in a way, the debate seemed less about Obama and Edwards versus Clinton than Obama versus Edwards, with Clinton as a bystander. That’s not to say all the incoming fire had no effect on Clinton.

Philadelphia Story
October 30, 2007

I saw another pretty strong night for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. On both substantive and stylistic levels we learned nothing virtually nothing new about the candidates tonight. In the media's funhouse of expectations and conventional wisdom, however, I suspect Barack Obama will again be judged to have come up a little flat. It may be a matter of his delivery, but even with sharpened critiques Obama somehow doesn't break through and grab your attention. A couple of things I haven't seen discussed elsewhere jumped out at me. One was Hillary's response to a question about her experience.

Dick Morris's Cloudy Crystal Ball
October 30, 2007

Politico's Mike Allen offers a highly entertaining excerpt from last night's "Hannity and Colmes": ALAN COLMES: "I want to remind you. I went through some old transcripts to look at what you said about Hillary Clinton before she was about to run and when she ran for Senate. You said that she wasn't going to win. She has 52 percent disapproval rating. She couldn't possibly win. As recently as November 6, just before the election, you said Lazio is going to win. Hillary can't win.