Jack Abramoff

David Brooks Is To Mccain As Kim Eisler Was To Abramoff
September 26, 2008

I'll add just a couple of points to John's devastating critique of David Brooks's column defending McCain. The equivalence Brooks makes between Obama's misdirections and McCain's recent out-and-out lies is a false equivalence, an example of what Ruth Marcus cleverly called the "symmetry of sin." (You need metrics establishing McCain's lies are worse?

Mutual Contempt
March 26, 2008

Though they differ in many ways, John McCain and Barack Obama have one thing in common: Each sees the other as a posturing phony. When McCain talks about Obama on the stump, he trades his typical graciousness for sarcasm and contempt. When McCain lectured Obama about the future of Iraq last week, he did so with what The New York Times called "a tone of belittlement in his voice." McCain has also called Obamamania a swindle. "America is not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change that promises no more than a holiday from history," he said in Wisconsin last month.

So That's How You Get A Medal Of Freedom
March 27, 2007

More priceless emails from Jack Abramoff and his RNC and campaign worker cronies. Scroll to the last page for the best of all (and note the subject line). --Keelin McDonell

House Arrest
November 20, 2006

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Safe House
November 13, 2006

In the olden days of politics, electoral wipe outs were great spectacles to behold. When Democrats or Republicans slipped on the political banana peel, they would tumble, arms flailing like Chevy Chase, into congressional defeat. In the 1894 election, Democrats squandered 125 seats; in 1922, Republicans endured a loss of 77seats. This year, for the first time in over a decade, there's talk of a wipeout.

The Thinker
July 24, 2006

Jason Zengerle on Newt's flirtations with running for president in 2008.

Foe Pause
March 20, 2006

THERE’S NOTHING MORE fun in politics than good, old-fashioned hate. How would LBJ screw Bobby next? To what depths would Ken Starr sink in his crazed pursuit of Bill Clinton? Sadly, however, the days of pure, unabashed malice have faded. Hillary Clinton now clamors to sponsor legislation with the people who voted to impeach her husband. Dishonest civility has replaced honest hatred as the ruling ethos in the capital. People who despise each other pretend to get along just fine.

Loan Shark
February 20, 2006

When scandal-plagued Tom DeLay finally gave up his quest to regain the leadership of congressional Republicans, the preternaturally tan Ohio Republican John Boehner sat down and drafted a 37-page political manifesto to win the votes of his colleagues. Boehner, himself long known as a friend to K Street, issued a tempered critique of the Republicans’ sale of indulgences to lobbyists like Jack Abramoff.

February 20, 2006

BEYOND RED AND BLUE  It’s no revelation that the liberal blogosphere features extreme partisanship and reflexive loathing of political adversaries. But the Jack Abramoff scandal seems to have driven some online activists over a cliff in their never-ending witch-hunt for secret villains. The latest target is John McCain.  This week, the Arizona Republican lashed out at Democratic Senator Barack Obama. Obama had told McCain that he would join a bipartisan group working to come up with a lobbying reform plan, then decided instead to back a proposal crafted by Senate Democratic leaders.

Smoked Out
February 06, 2006

IN HIS FINAL column of the year, FoxNews.com science columnist Steven Milloy listed “the top 10 junk science claims of 2005.” For number nine, Milloy attacked the research of Michael Mann, a Penn State scientist who, in 1999, published research showing a dramatic rise in global temperatures during the twentieth century, after hundreds of years with little climate change. Calling Mann’s science “dubious,” Milloy praised Representative Joe Barton of Texas, whose calls for an investigation into Mann’s methodology last June were cut short when the scientific community and members of Congress prote