The Letters of Malcolm Cowley
March 01, 2014

A selection of Malcolm Cowley's letters from a masterful new collection.

Willa Cather's Correspondence Reveals Something New
The rage of a great American novelist
October 12, 2013

If there is a secret lurking in Cather’s correspondence, it might be this: her best writing, certainly in her letters and in much of her fiction, is driven by anger.

Pen Pals
When famous authors write to each other
April 03, 2013

The best correspondences contain a story.

The Instructors
August 24, 2011

W.B. Yeats & George Yeats: The Letters Edited by Ann Saddlemyer (Oxford University Press, 599 pp., $49.95) Words Alone: Yeats & his Inheritances By R.F. Foster (Oxford University Press, 236 pp., $29.95) IT WAS CERTAINLY an odd marriage. The groom, already a well-known Irish poet, was fifty-two, the bride twenty-four. The groom had proposed to two other women immediately before settling for the bride, a well-bred young Englishwoman whom he had known for several years and with whom he shared occult interests.