Why Are Libertarians Mostly Dudes?
June 05, 2015

Rand Paul is polling terribly among women. His political philosophy might be to blame.

Rand Paul Becomes Less of a Libertarian Every Day
April 07, 2015

He's a defense hawk now. That's not very libertarian.

Rand Paul Will Break Libertarian Hearts, Just Like Reagan Did
April 06, 2015

The libertarian movement has come from people who don’t see the GOP as their ideal vehicle but as a necessary evil.

Libertarians Have a History of Horrifying Views on Parenting
February 04, 2015

Rand Paul says parents "own" their children.

Porn Star Belle Knox Doesn't Know What Libertarianism Is. Neither Do Libertarians.
January 30, 2015

Libertarians don't even have a good definition of freedom.

The Greatest Threat to Our Liberty Is Local Governments Run Amok
September 03, 2014

They're stampeding people's rights—because they can.

Why Did 1,000 People Watch Right-Wing D.C. Interns Debate Each Other?
July 25, 2014

A dispatch from the Cato Institute's "Libertarianism vs. Conservatism."

The Truth About Our Libertarian Age
June 17, 2014

Why the dogma of democracy doesn't always make the world better

The Man Who Made Libertarians Wrong About the Constitution
May 18, 2014

Richard Epstein's highly influential, highly politicized scholarship sits at the base of Tea Party dogma

Why Aren't There More Female Libertarians?
October 30, 2013

Close your eyes and picture a libertarian. Maybe Rand Paul’s grinning visage and satyr-like curls swim before your lids. Maybe you see that guy from college who hijacked a seminar on Madame Bovary by pontificating about laissez-faire economics.