New Year's Day

New State Data Show EITC’s Widespread Anti-Poverty Impact
January 11, 2013

'New State Data Show EITC’s Widespread Anti-Poverty Impact' authored by Elizabeth Kneebone and Jane Williams

The Fiscal Cliff Deal's Biggest Winner May Be George W. Bush
December 31, 2012

Is the proposed "fiscal cliff" deal a good one? That depends on what happens next month.

Kill This Deal
December 31, 2012

Why Congress should kill the fiscal-cliff deal.

What's in the Deal? Your Fiscal Cliff Checklist
December 31, 2012

TNR's guide to what might be in the fiscal deal—whenever Obama and Congress reach one

Geoff Dyer’s Renovation of Contemporary Nonfiction
December 07, 2012

Before 2013 begins, catch up on the best of 2012. From now until the New Year, we will be re-posting some of The New Republic’s most thought-provoking pieces of the year. Enjoy. Zona By Geoff Dyer (Pantheon, 228 pp., $24)   NEVER MIND the writing, as superb as it so often is: as agile, as subtle, as witty, as funny, as brilliantly insightful. Never mind the breadth—a book about jazz, a book about photography, a book about a film, a book about D.H.

Let the Tax Cuts Expire—Yes, All of Them
November 19, 2012

Yes, the rich should pay more in taxes. But so should the middle class—eventually.

Martin Amis: State of Decline
October 19, 2012

James Wolcott reviews Martin Amis's "Lionel Asbo: State of England."

Generation Whine
October 05, 2012

From Lena Dunham to "FUCK! I'm in My Twenties," inside the cultural fixation with the worries of privileged twentysomethings.

Dante’s Vita Nova
October 05, 2012

What happens when you try to translate Dante's poetry into "contemporary American English"

The Cranky Wisdom of Peter Kaplan
September 14, 2012

New York’s last romantic gets his own magazine.