Listen Up
September 11, 2009

One remarkable thing about watching the Middle East is how what’s celebrated as brilliant in Europe or America is errant nonsense. Writing such stuff makes people successful and gives them an audience of millions.

Deterred From Logic on Nukes
September 01, 2009

In the latest issue of Newsweek, Jonathan Tepperman has a very confused piece arguing that nuclear disarmament is a bad idea because “[t]he bomb may actually make us safer.” Taking a stand against Washington’s allegedly overwhelming “nuclear phobia,” he writes, “Knowing the truth about nukes would have a profound impact on government policy.” I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone suggest that they know “the truth” about nuclear weapons, but I’m quite certain that Tepperman hasn’t found it. The thrust of the article is that nuclear-armed states won’t fight each other because “all states are rati

Narrative Dissonance
July 01, 2009

What Obama's Cairo speech got wrong.

Biden And Iraq
June 30, 2009

Speaking of Iraq, Newsweek has an interesting nugget I hadn't seen anywhere else. Apparently Obama has asked Joe Biden to take a lead role in managing Iraq as the U.S. slowly withdraws from the country in the coming months: Vice President Joe Biden's official portfolio is expanding. NEWSWEEK has learned that President Obama has asked Biden to take the lead role on Iraq as the U.S.

Plan of Attack
June 17, 2009

In early May, White House Counsel Greg Craig circulated a memo inside the West Wing. Part of a series of memos on protocol, it explained how to deal with writers researching books and articles on the White House.

Tnr Slideshow: Be Our Guest
June 03, 2009

  John Meacham, the editor of Newsweek, has asked Stephen Colbert to be the magazine's first-ever guest editor.

Backward Runs 'Newsweek'
May 21, 2009

Blah blah newsmag remake blah blah

Free Larry Summers
April 01, 2009

On a typical day, Larry Summers, the top White House economic adviser, sits in his office overlooking the Rose Garden and receives a near-endless succession of aides working on a stunning variety of issues. In a single, several-hour bloc, Summers might have meetings on housing, the auto industry, health care, technology policy, and the financial crisis, all of which he’s exploring in subatomic detail.

Free Larry Summers
April 01, 2009

Why the White House needs to unshackle its economic oracle.

The Progressive Truth Squad
February 28, 2009

This is getting a little ridiculous. For those who haven't been paying attention, conservative pundit George F. Will wrote a column for the Washington Post on February 15 in which he argued that contemporary concerns about global warming are greatly exaggerated. Will quoted several articles from the 1970s in order to demonstrate that at the time there was widespread concern about impending "global cooling" that never materialized.