Rand Paul

Trump Is Far from the Only Republican to Let Supporters Spout Crazy
September 18, 2015

When Trump gave a guy a pass for saying Muslims are a problem, he was acting like a typical Republican.

Look Out, Republicans: Donald Trump Is Shaping Policy Now, Too
August 18, 2015

Scott Walker said his own immigration ideas are “very similar” to Trump’s, including a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and ending “the birthright citizenship problem.”

Would Republicans Support the Americans with Disabilities Act Today?
July 27, 2015

The law passed at a time when Republicans weren’t unanimously opposed to using federal power in service of the common good.

Rand Paul Somehow Uses the Gay Marriage Ruling to Attack Labor Laws
June 29, 2015

For Paul, the solution is to get the government out. It doesn't matter what the problem is.

Gun Laws Won't End Mass Shootings. They Will Reduce Gun Homicides.
June 18, 2015

The real problem is the everyday gun violence that goes unnoticed.

Rand Paul to Baltimore: Racism Isn't the Problem. Taxes Are.
June 10, 2015

This is what he learned from his soul-searching?

Why Are Libertarians Mostly Dudes?
June 05, 2015

Rand Paul is polling terribly among women. His political philosophy might be to blame.

The Republican Party Is Shifting on National Security, It Just Doesn't Know How
June 02, 2015

The liberal-libertarian alliance in Congress only partially explains why NSA bulk collection will come to an end.

What Are They Thinking?
May 28, 2015

The many (possible) motivations of 2016's long shots.

Rand Paul's Fake Filibuster Was Nakedly Political. Good For Him.
May 21, 2015

Who cares if it was cynical? It was also politics at its best.