Scientists Have Discovered 11,000-Year-Old Sexually Transmitted Dog Cancer
January 24, 2014

This piece first appeared on Veterinary biologists have discovered that a sexually-transmitted cancer found in dogs around the world first originated 11,000 years ago, making it potentially the oldest living mammalian creature.

Scientists Discover A New Dolphin and It Is Already Endangered
Why are Ph.Ds debating about this on Twitter?
January 23, 2014

Marine biologists discover the first new river dolphin since 1918 and there may be only 600 left: their debate on Twitter.

The 'Best Arguments for God's Existence' Are Actually Terrible
January 16, 2014

The most common critique leveled at New Atheists is that we attack only puerile, fundamentalist forms of religion, and never engage with the “best” arguments of the faithful: those adumbrated by Sophisticated Theologians™.

Did God Make These Babies Moral?
Intelligent Design's oldest attack on evolution is as popular as ever
January 13, 2014

Intelligent Design's oldest attack on evolution is as popular as ever.

This Organ Separates Humans From Animals
January 10, 2014

The only difference between us and apes is the size of our brain.

These Scientists Figured Out How to Make Objects Levitate
January 10, 2014

This piece first appeared on Today’s news from the world of Awesome Science comes from the University of Tokyo, where a team has been levitating and controlling objects using sound. Here’s the video:

The Republican Reaction to the Polar Vortex Explains Why So Many Scientists Are Democrats
January 08, 2014

When I walked to work Tuesday morning, it was 4 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest temperature I've experienced in the last two years living in Washington, D.C.

Ross Douthat is Wrong About Me (and God)
January 07, 2014

More cluelessness attacks on atheism in the New York Times

Two Physicists are Looking for Time Travelers on Facebook
January 03, 2014

Time travelers may still be out there. But according to this scientific study, they're not hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, or even Googe Plus.

Bill Nye is Helping the Discredited Creationists He's Planning to Debate
January 03, 2014

This is why, when you debate against people who don't believe in science, you always lose. (Plus, they get to use the admission fees to fund their discredited "Creation Museum.")