Brightly Colored Soccer Cleats are Gay, Says Russian Priest
July 09, 2014

"Putting pink or light blue cleats on a man" argues Father Alexander, "is like dressing him in a woman's underwear or brassiere."

Why I Hate Argentina
July 09, 2014

Remember that time in 1998 that Argentina played the Netherlands? Unforgivable.

Before and After Photos Show How Devastating the Germany Loss Was for Average Brazilians
July 09, 2014

No rioting, and not much to say—yet—as fans absorb the massacre at the Mineirão 

Brazil's "Bullyball" Goes Belly Up
July 08, 2014

A squad built for low-scoring games found out what happens when the other team refuses to yield 

Let the Recriminations Begin in Brazil, and Let Them Begin with Scolari
July 08, 2014

Corruption and European clubs are sapping the country's talent. But it was their coach who ensured that this team played scared.

Germany Must Out-Invent Brutish Brazil: A Bizarre-But-True Semifinal Preview
July 07, 2014

Unable to rely on muscle–or Neymar–can the hosts survive? 

France-Germany Preview: Per Mertesacker Has a Cold
July 03, 2014

The two most complete teams in the World Cup meet in Friday's first quarterfinal

Match Report: On Yesterday's Greek Tragedy
June 30, 2014

Greece comes to terms with the national team's World Cup exit

Teaching My Six-Year-Old Son About Mexico's Much Older World Cup Curse
June 30, 2014

After the most abrupt shifts of emotions he'd ever experienced, a vexing question: How to explain fate to a six-year-old?