Don't Worry About Chemical Weapons Becoming the New Norm
September 03, 2013

Given that the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons—or perhaps its latest use of chemical weapons—has been the particular atrocity that is likely going to lead the United States to war, the logic behind this rationale is worth exploring. My fr

Polls Show Americans Can Be Persuaded on Syria Strikes
September 03, 2013

One thing’s clear from the first wave of polls about possible U.S. intervention in Syria: The public is not on board. At least not yet. Last Friday, an NBC News survey showed 50 percent of adults opposed and only 42 percent ready to strike Syria.

Here's What Makes Language of Any Syria Bill So Complicated
September 03, 2013

Politico reports that a revised Syria AUMF is being drafted in the Senate:Some of the options being considered for the revised Authorization for the Use of Military Force include a 60-day period for Obama to launch “narrow, limited” strikes against A

Obama Was Right to Ask for Congress' Blessing on Syria
September 02, 2013

The biggest burden of being president is surely having to make decisions that will lead to people being killed and maimed in war: American soldiers who die decades before their time, innocent civilians in enemy countries, even enemy soldiers who rare

Obama's Speech Didn't Restore His Red Line. Here's What Could
August 31, 2013

President Obama has just declared his decision to launch military strikes against Syria, after seeking approval for Congress, in order to hold the Syrian government accountable for its recent chemical weapon atrocities.

Congress Can't Pass a Farm Bill. And Now We're Waiting on them to Stop a Slaughter?
August 31, 2013

Today, President Obama finally addressed the main question that has gripped this town on Syria: will he or won't he?He will, as we knew he would.

Could the U.S. Have Prevented the Chemical Weapons Attack in Damascus?
August 30, 2013

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry laid out the case against Assad, summarizing the unclassified intelligence assessment that was just then landing in reporters' inboxes: Bashar al-Assad and his minions knew about, prepared for, and carried out a m

David Cameron is Useless
August 30, 2013

In November 2009, David Cameron gave the Hugo Young Lecture, sponsored by The Guardian in memory of its highly respected columnist. Young had died of cancer in the autumn of 2003 after a splendid swan song, a final year of controlled rage.

The Onion Is The Country’s Best Op-Ed Page. Seriously.
August 30, 2013

I largely dislike reading op-ed columnists. All too often, columnists hem and haw and posture and drop references to their famous friends and fancy trips. They make points that are obvious. They are overly pious. They hew to the party line.

One Unconvincing Argument Against Striking Syria
August 30, 2013

There's a lot of chatter this morning about the big piece above the fold on the front page of today's Washington Post laying out the deep misgivings of many in the military about launching an attack against Syria to punish it for the regime's apparen