Best of the Web, PM Edition
June 16, 2010

Zonal Marking: Chile live up to their billing Sexy Dutch fans: legit or despicable marketing ploy? Prince William plays the vuvuzela The vuvuzela also has a Twitter feed Jonathan Wilson: US and Slovenia very similar teams Grant Wahl: why is scoring down? The willfull ignorance of football pundits Tim Vickery: cup winners pace their tournaments

The Idolatry of Light
June 05, 2010

Tiepolo Pink By Roberto Calasso Translated by Alastair McEwen (Knopf, 288 pp., $40) Giambattista Tiepolo was not the last of the old masters—that dubious distinction is usually conferred on Goya—but it is surely safe to say that he was the last great painter of the Italian Renaissance.

Our War, The President's War, This Is a War for Civilization
December 03, 2009

The Places In Between was my introduction to Afghanistan. Published in 2006, it was written by Rory Stewart, who at age 36 has already lived a life at once so adventurous and so quirky to defy easy narrative. He will soon take a safe (Tory) seat in the British parliament and rise quickly in the ranks, so quickly that he will still be thought young when he ascends to 10 Downing Street. Why not? (Rory is the second of my friends who is thought to be the future prime minister of an American ally, the first being Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Party aspirant in Ottawa.

No Exit
October 05, 2009

The never-ending lunacy of Betsy McCaughey.

Should Republicans Pray For Rain In Va?
November 03, 2008

Tomorrow, the national forecast, particularly in battleground states, looks overall to be pretty nice--sunny in Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, and Ohio--which should bode well for Obama and other Democrats. But one forecast should be troubling for the Dems. Weather.com has predicted that Virginia, where Obama is currently up by 4.3, is going to get a lot of rain all over the state tomorrow.

Addictive Television
March 12, 2007

In 1981, Representative Jim Ramstad thought his political career was over. Seven months into his first term as a state senator from Minnesota, Ramstad found himself in a jail cell in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. His trip had started out innocently enough. The young pol had gone to Sioux Falls with members of the Minnesota Vikings football team to raise money for youth sports. But a fun night with friends turned sour quickly.

Liberalism: Illusions and Realities
June 24, 1970

Does Kirk's "Conservative Mind" make any sense?