Romney Has Historic Lead Among White Voters
October 23, 2012

But an increasingly diverse electorate ensures a tight race.

Iowa Early Voting Numbers Don’t Tell Us Much
October 22, 2012

Republicans can overcome Democratic early voting efforts on Election Day.

Romney Leads In North Carolina, But Demographics Keep Obama Competitive
October 20, 2012

Obama's chance at a surprise win rests on a strong ground operation.

Why Green Bay Is The Most Saturated Market In The Country
October 18, 2012

There are more swing voters in the Green Bay market than anywhere else in the country

Democratic Voter Registration Hurts Romney's Chances In Nevada
October 15, 2012

Democrats outnumber Republicans at an '08-esque level.

Romney Won the Debate. But Will It Be Enough?
October 04, 2012

Whether Romney's upended the race or not, he will get a bounce in the polls.

Debates Have Moved The Polls, But Haven't Fundamentally Changed The Race
October 03, 2012

Debates can bring old supporters back into the fold, but they haven't swayed undecided voters

Zingers Don't Win Debates
October 02, 2012

Sighing and sweat have decided more presidential debates than great “zingers.”

Friendly Reminder: The Polls Are Usually Right
September 25, 2012

Despite the criticisms, the polls usually perform well on Election Day.

How the Federal Government is Killing Community Policing
September 25, 2012

If you’ve ever watched a television series, like “Hill Street Blues” or “NYPD Blue,” you are probably well acquainted with the mutual disdain between local and federal law enforcement. While the script for these shows was predictable, it was engrossing nonetheless. Cops were local bumpkins who policed on gut instinct, and whose ties to locals made corruption an ever-present danger. Feds were arrogant ‘suits’ who used wiretaps and hi-tech devices to drag in dozens at a time—cops included.