Claire McCaskill

It’s Time to Revisit the Voting Rights Act
August 21, 2012

Voter suppression isn't just for the South anymore

Five Other Politicians Who’ve Said Idiotic Things About Rape
August 20, 2012

Todd Akin joins the pantheon of moron politicians who have said abhorrent things about rape and rape victims.

How Congress’s Showdown With China Puts Obama in a Serious Bind
October 06, 2011

While all of Washington fastened its gaze on Chris Christie, the most important issue of the week—maybe of the year—was playing out on the floor of the Senate.

"Politifact" Unfairly Attacks The GOP
June 24, 2011

Republicans have been slamming Democrats for their vote to cut $500 billion out of Medicare as part of the Affordable Care Act: The NRSC revised and reissued a three-day-old news release that targeted virtually identical statements at Brown, of Ohio, and four other senators who all are Democrats up for re-election next year: Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Jon Tester of Montana, Ben Cardin of Maryland and Bill Nelson of Florida. "Despite Sherrod Brown's transparent political strategy to mislead Ohio seniors and demagogue Medicare, this serves as another reminder he is the only candidate in Ohio

Senate Democratic Strategery
May 19, 2011

You know how Republicans in Congress take extreme positions, thereby shifting the terms of debate so that any compromise lands on their side? The good news is that Senate Democrats are finally reciprocating. The bad news is that they're announcing through the media that this is their plan: Senate Democrats are using their proposal to raise taxes on millionaires as a stalking-horse to force Republicans to accept other tax increases. Democratic officials privately acknowledge that raising personal income tax rates on the wealthy has little chance of passing this Congress.

A Weak Attempt To Justify Extending The Bush Tax Cuts
December 01, 2010

National Review editorializes in favor of permanently extending all the Bush tax cuts.The argument begins by asserting that even the compromise Democratic offer to extend tax cuts for all income below one million dollars a year would be too onerous for the poor, poor families trying to scrape by on a low seven-figure salary: Plan B was a large tax hike on families earning $250,000 or more.

Well, That's Reassuring
July 16, 2010

Sen. Claire McCaskill on her hesitance to support a climate bill: “I think it’s still a work in progress,” said Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who worries that a cap would be a loser for Democrats in November. “You know, it took 50 years on health care. Actually, the time span between Harry Truman proposing universal health care and President Obama signing the Affordable care Act was more like 60 years. But that's okay! I'm sure nothing irreversible will happen to the atmosphere between now and 2070.

China Aids Iran
September 23, 2009

At a moment when the U.S.

The Jokester
August 12, 2009

In May 2001, one day after the news broke that Senator Jim Jeffords was leaving the Republican Party, rumors began to spread that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson was contemplating a move in the opposite direction. The rumors made a certain amount of sense. Nelson was a conservative Democrat and personal friend of President Bush. And Republicans were desperate to reclaim the majority they had just lost. For Nelson, the circumstances were perfect ...

Mccaskill Vs The Mob
August 11, 2009

Any Democrats headed with trepidation into town hall meetings this month should get themselves video of the session Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill has been conducting, and which MSNBC carried for several minutes this afternoon. She was pitch-perfect: polite and responsive without being a pushover, armed with clear and compelling facts (emphasis on things any health reform bill will *not* do)  and firm when necessary. She shamed one of the loudest hecklers by reminding him that "we have good manners in Missouri," but without losing her own temper.