Tamir Rice's Body Still Isn't Buried Because the Criminal Investigation Keeps Dragging On
May 04, 2015

It's been barely five months since a Cleveland Police officer gunned down the 12-year-old.

Why the RNC May Regret Picking Cleveland for 2016
July 08, 2014

When the party convenes in 2016, there's going to be one extra elephant in the room.

A Guide to the NRA's Crazy Press Conference on School Violence
December 21, 2012

A look at NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre's speech today reveals it to be completely out of touch with reality.

Mass Shootings Are on the Rise--And 2012 Has Been Deadlier Than Ever Before
December 14, 2012

Nearly half of all deaths from mass shootings over the past 30 years have happened since 2007.

If A Tree Falls In Ohio...
December 10, 2012

The announcement that the Cleveland Plain Dealer will cut a third of its staff again raises the question: What will fill the void, in Ohio and beyond?

São Paulo and U.S. Metros Link and Learn Together
November 29, 2012

Yesterday's discussions in São Paulo dug further into the challenges facing the São Paulo metropolis, the responses that governments are mounting, and obstacles to implementation and long-term prosperity. Among the issues tackled were infrastructure, land use, housing, social inequity, education, governance, and public sector capacity and continuity. Turns out that changing hemispheres doesn't change some things all that much. In that spirit, leaders from an array of U.S.

How to Save College Basketball
November 16, 2012

A four-point plan to fix the game

The Auto Bailout Didn’t Decide Ohio
November 12, 2012

From the moment political reporters armed with leaked internal polls wrote that Obama led by mid-to-upper single digits in Ohio, the Buckeye State was widely regarded as Romney’s Achilles heel.

On Newsweek's Historical Legacy
November 04, 2012

The story Newsweek's demise is not just a story about Tina Brown. A 20th century historian explains why the magazine itself was so significant.

The Final Stretch: Sunday's Campaign Stops
November 04, 2012

Obama's Stops Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire Obama begins the day in Concord, New Hampshire, a modest population center in the south-central part of the state. Concord and Merrimack County straddle the boundary between New Hampshire’s Democratic-friendly western countryside and the Republican-leaning southeastern and more populous southeastern quadrant. To carry New Hampshire, Obama will need to carry Merrimack County by a modest margin—it was the largest New Hampshire county that voted for Kerry eight years ago. Ft.