June 20, 2014

Broccoli Juice May Help Your Body Flush Carcinogens—Just Don't Call It a Detox
5:11 PM

Cleanse-your-body-in-5 days diets are junk. But some of the science has a kernel of truth.

‘Orphan Black’ Embodies the Female Gaze Better than Anything Else on Television
3:14 PM

The clone thriller shows women fighting for control of their own bodies—and treating men like Bond girls.

The Stickers Any Loyal Murakami Reader Will Really Want
3:04 PM

Every time he mentions a weird ear fetish, slap a sticker on your novel.

A Less Smooth Soccer Ball is Actually More Predictable When It's Kicked
Science explains pressure distribution shifts!

Science explains transition points and pressure distribution shifts.

Knausgaard on Angel Di Maria: Looks Like Kafka, Plays Like A Dream
"The first time I saw him play, I thought, That's my man."

"The first time I saw him play, I thought, That's my man."

Dov Charney, Terry Richardson, and the Misogynistic Truth About Hipster Cool
A bizarre double standard has emerged in the fashion world, where misogyny is OK, as long as it pastiches a bygone era of kitsch female subjugation
11:37 AM

There is a bizarre double standard in the fashion world, where misogyny is OK as long as it's retro.

After Their South African Disaster, Will France Hold It Together This World Cup?
Looks like it, at least on Twitter

The French team famously imploded four years ago. What do their Twitter accounts reveal about team harmony this time around?

At This World Cup, England Fans Get Their Disillusionment in First
Low expectations, duly met

Low expectations, duly met 

Luis Suarez Is a Beast
On the taxonomy of strikers, the Uruguay star is an apex predator
9:14 AM

The Uruguay star and the grand tradition of strikers who seek to destroy 

This Is What It's Like to Go to School in a Town Where Everyone Has Left
Senior-class portraits from America’s vanishing rural communities
8:19 AM

A gallery of oddly affecting senior class portraits from America's vanishing rural communities.