November 21, 2013

Colbert Won the Night With His Trey Radel Jokes
9:05 AM

Colbert and Stewart have had a week-long field day with Rob Ford drug humor, running segments called “Cracked” (“intrepid intoxicant aficionado Rob Ford”), “Canadian Enablers” (“I heard that Mayor Ford’s approval ratings went up after he said he smok

November 20, 2013

Alexander Payne Has Mastered the Midwest. Now He Must Move to the Big City.
8:00 PM

Alexander Payne does not make mistakes, and that would seem to be his only serious handicap or restraint. But he has so many delicious virtues of taste, precision, and modesty. He has tragic instincts but will not succumb to melancholy.

I Rediscovered Lynne Cheney's Forgotten Feminist Novel
Her feuding daughters could learn a lot from it

And her feuding daughters could actually learn a lot from it.

Would Van Gogh Have Taken Selfies? Probably.
4:21 PM

Yesterday, the Oxford English Dictionary named “selfie” the 2013 “Word of the Year”—sending the Internet off on a predictable wave of hand-wringing over this generation’s narcissism.

The New York Times Has Hired Nate Cohn
1:57 PM

PRESS RELEASENate Cohn is parting ways with The New Republic and moving to The New York Times, where he will join their newly created data and polling team led by David Leonhardt.

A Majority of Americans Believe in JFK Conspiracy Theories. Who Are They?
11:52 AM

It says more about the beiiever than it does the conspiracy theory.

Coming Soon to Your Bedroom: Beef-Tendon Condoms
Bill Gates is paying big for better contraception. Here's what scientists came up with
11:00 AM

Bill Gates is paying for a better condom, and this is what researchers came up with.

An NFL Pro Quit His Job For The Same Reasons You Might
1:34 AM

Amid the din of another National Football League season dominated this year by (shuffle the deck) concussions, bullying, and an uncharacteristically weak American Football Conference, a quiet counterpoint was the midseason retirement of Denver Bronco

November 19, 2013

Why Do We Care About Malcolm Gladwell's Media Diet?
The cult of telling people what you read
9:00 PM

Please, media types: Enough of your pretentious lists of what you read.

Art Spiegelman Is Comics' Most Pretentious Faux-Artist
8:00 PM

"Pretentious is pretty much Art Spiegelman's M.O."