January 21, 2014

If You Were an Inmate, You'd Want to Keep Kosher, Too
The semiotics of prison food
5:09 PM

The fascinating hidden meanings of prison food

Grantland Undergoes LGBT-Sensitivity Training
Meet the woman who's guiding Bill Simmons through the "Dr. V" controversy
5:06 PM

Meet the woman who's guiding Bill Simmons through the "Dr. V" controversy.

A Newly Deciphered Babylonian Tablet Details Blueprints for "Noah's Ark"
12:45 PM

We’ve known since at least 1872 that the Great Flood detailed in Genesis is a descendant of earlier flood myths from Mesopotamia.

Five Writers Who Feared The Future
11:12 AM

On the anniversary of George Orwell's death, a look at his deepest fears.

January 20, 2014

The Chinese Government Is Threatened by My Dance Moves

I went on Chinese State TV to sing and dance. The makes me and the Chinese government cringe—for different reasons.

Slavery Is Having a Hollywood Moment. What About the Rest of Black History in America?
3:50 PM

Why are we still waiting for a great film about Martin Luther King Jr.?

A Texas Newspaper Takes Aim at Wendy Davis's Cinderella Story—and Spins the Facts, Too

Wendy Davis got a few dates wrong, but it doesn't diminish her extraordinary story.

Is Drinking Responsible for the Great American Novel?
1:50 PM

Researchers may prove F. Scott Fitzgerald right: Drinking improves creativity

January 19, 2014

Meet the Actress Behind the Most Fascinating, Frightening New Character on "Girls"
10:30 PM

Guess what part of tonight's Girls was inspired by Claire Danes.

No, Atheist Intolerance Is Not Destroying Western Society
8:00 PM

The latest cover story in The New Statesman, the British weekly that The New Republic shares content with, is a controversial article by Cristina Odone, a former editor at the magazine.