November 26, 2013

There's a Mouse Crisis in Scientific Research
5:08 PM

Are scientists less rigorous about applying proper research standards when their subjects are mice? That’s the question Jennifer Couzin-Frankel investigates in the latest issue of Science—and her findings are disturbing.

I'm Sick of Other Holidays, But I Still Love Thanksgiving
It's still inclusive and noncommercial. Be grateful.

Here's why it's our greatest holiday.

You Should Give Thanks It's Not One of These Ten Depressing World Holidays
2:25 PM

From "Black Day" in South Korea to South Carolina's "Secession Day."

My Holiday Plea: Stop Complaining About the Holidays
12:00 AM

Every year, the holiday haters show up earlier and earlier.

November 25, 2013

America's Least-Favorite City Has Become Television's Favorite Subject
8:00 PM

America's least-favorite city is television's favorite backdrop.

The Most Blatant Ways Homeland Gets Washington Wrong
8:00 PM

Homeland's plot may have jumped the shark this season. But its portrayal of Washington jumped the shark a long time ago.

What 'Scandal' Gets Right About Washington
8:00 PM

The show gets the twisted, paranoid spirit of Washington right, even if it exaggerates the details.

Hollywood's Animal-Cruelty Problem Must Look Familiar to the NFL and U.S. Military

Four horses euthanized during filming of the HBO drama Luck after producers ran elderly, underfed animals as if they were racehorses in their prime.

Meet the Man Who Wrote a 260-Page Biography on His BlackBerry
3:01 PM

What happens when you write a whole book on your BlackBerry? Your thumbs start to hurt, for one. 

How San Francisco's Latest Gold Rush Has Transformed the City
7:52 AM

The first time wealth transformed San Francisco, in the Gold Rush of 1848, the city didn't just get richer, and transform into a place robber barons called home.