February 07, 2014

How To Tell The New Spanish "Breaking Bad" From The Original
A Bicultural Viewer's Guide
10:06 AM

A Bicultural Viewer's Guide.

Charles Dickens Was Longwinded and Sometimes Unreadable—But Perfect
6:00 AM

Two centuries after his birth, Charles Dickens's greatness is still up for debate. 

February 06, 2014

The Late-Night TV Monologue is Dull and Anachronistic—And Should Retire With Jay Leno
10:04 PM

Jay Leno told Jimmy Fallon to make his monologue longer. Jimmy would be a fool to listen.

Meet Walter Blanco
Behind the scenes of 'Breaking Bad' en español
8:00 PM

How do you say "meth kingpin" in Spanish?

War Movies Used to be Big, Sprawling Things. What Happened?
The trend of small-minded war movies continues
8:00 PM

Last year, Walter Kirn lamented the state of the ever-shrinking American war movie.

What My Angry Critics Get Wrong About My Choice to Be Gay

I recently wrote in an essay for The New Republic that gayness is, at least for me, a choice. My critics’ response was immediate and unanimous: That's impossible, they replied, because science has proven that gays are born that way.

Sochi Is Haunted by the Ghosts of a Forgotten Genocide
The Winter Olympics arrive 150 years after an ethnic cleansing
8:00 PM

The Winter Olympics arrive 150 years after an ethnic cleansing.

The Worst Thing About Piers Morgan Is His Twitter Feed
6:34 PM

The one thing worse than Piers Morgan's CNN show: Piers Morgan's Twitter feed.

The Gender Pay Gap Is Starkest at the Bottom and the Top. Just Ask General Motors' New CEO.

Why accusations that General Motors is short-shrifting its first female CEO hit a nerve.

This New York Times Sex Story Has One of the Best 'To Be Sure' Paragraphs Ever
4:42 PM

"Granted, some might view this study with skepticism..."