December 11, 2013

Be Wary of Studies That Claim Men and Women's Brains Are Wired Differently
12:42 PM

The Wall Street Journal reported this week on a spate of controversial new studies suggesting behavioral differences between men and women are due to “hard-wiring” in the brain.

Obama/Cameron Selfie Photographer Is Ashamed of Mankind
9:29 AM

AFP photographer Roberto Schmidt is not amused.

December 10, 2013

Obama Bought My Novel. Here's What I Hope He Learns From It.
8:00 PM

By the author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

Is Reading Necessarily a Hostile Experience for Young Women?

In 2007, several n+1 editors discussed books they’d read or wished they had read in college. The series of dialogues was published in a pamphlet called What We Should Have Known.

These Two Americans Want Babies Through Indian Surrogates. It's Not Been Easy.
9:37 AM

Fertility tourism is a booming business in India, but is it worth it?

Why Do Novelists Love Affairs Between Professors and Students?

Why novelists love to write about affairs between professors and students.

Emily Dickinson's Poetry As It Was Meant To Be Read
6:00 AM

These photos bring Dickinson to life better than any biography.

Emily Dickinson's Reputation Totally Shifted in 1955
6:00 AM

The famous poet was far more than a recluse.

December 09, 2013

NY Mag Writer Is Clearly in Love With Julia Louis-Dreyfus
12:56 PM

I enjoyed Jonathan Van Meter's interesting profile of Julia Louis-Dreyfus in New York magazine because it manages to get at all the ways in which Louis-Dreyfus is a compelling person and first-rate comic actress.

The State of Climate Change: A Local Perspective
Can efforts at the state and local level develop solutions that achieve the goals of the Climate Action Plan?
11:42 AM

The battle over climate change, carbon pollution, and America's energy future is not confined to Congress. In fact, considerable progress is happening at the state and local level with 31 states, and DC, setting targets for renewable energy and over 1,000 mayors signing on to the US Conference of Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement. The policy debate is also migrating from Washington to the states as the EPA prepares a carbon pollution standard and begins the implementation process. Will the efforts at the state and local levels develop solutions that achieve the goals of the Climate Action Plan? Or will the uncompromising attitudes of the national debate trickle down and further roadblock climate change action?