May 28, 2014

Why Clinton Chose Maya Angelou to Read at his Inauguration
10:56 AM

A critical take on the new president and the established poet. 

Watch Maya Angelou Read at Clinton's First Inaugural
10:55 AM

The poet reads "On the Pulse of Morning."

Saint Maya
Angelou's flawed books helped relieve black writers of the burden of representing their race
10:54 AM

There isn't much art in her books, but she helped pave the way for black writers who can enjoy the luxury of being merely individuals rather than representatives of their race.

Not Just a 'White Guy Killer'
Elliot Rodger's perverse sense of racial hierarchy—and his uncertain place in it
10:35 AM

Elliot Rodger's perverse sense of racial hierarchy—and his uncertain place in it.

May 27, 2014

IQ Scores Shouldn't Be A Matter of Life or Death
9:29 PM

“There’s this totally false pretense that an IQ of 70 is the same in different time periods, but the conversion of raw scores isn’t stable over time.”

The Tragedy of the 2014 World Cup: Gareth Bale Won't Be Playing
11:14 AM

The Welshmen is the one player who would have made the tournament more interesting.

'The Immigrant' Raises Marion Cotillard to a Select Pantheon
10:55 AM

American cinema has too long glossed over the reality of the huddled masses.

May 26, 2014

Novels About Famous Writers' Wives Are a Cheap Trick
Leave Zelda, Hadley, and the rest out of it
8:00 PM

The demand for fiction cast in the template of “the creative person's wife” shows little sign of abating.

The Media Forgets That AIDS Is Still an Epidemic, But Hollywood Doesn't
'The Normal Heart' is a damning indictment of our government's negligence
12:32 AM

The Normal Heart and Dallas Buyers Club are ushering in a new kind of AIDS film, one that is finally willing to mount a damning indictment of our government's negligence.

Dissecting Mad Men's Hopeful, Saccharine Half-Season

As "Mad Men" nears its end, all the characters keep revisiting their past.