Herbert Hoover

FDR's Secret Weapon for Winning the Presidency
September 11, 2013

FDR's Secret Weapon for Winning the Presidency

Why We Are Here Today: A Letter from Chris Hughes
January 17, 2013

A note from Chris Hughes about The New Republic's relaunch on January 28th.

Obama: He’s Just Like Hoover (But in a Good Way)
November 02, 2012

The unlikely president who set the precedent of treating natural disasters as a proving ground.

Two Issues Romney Needs to Stop Obsessing Over
October 02, 2012

For Romney, talking about the economy means talking about small businesses and the national debt. One problem: Voters don't care.

Why Businessmen Don’t Get Elected President
July 17, 2012

If Mitt Romney’s association with Bain Capital ends up sinking his presidential campaign, he’s unlikely to appreciate the irony. But, if he needs consolation, he might consider seeking solace in American history. The fact is that no successful businessman has ever been a successful president, and only a few have even been serious contenders for the job. This might seem odd, given Americans’ long romance with wealthy entrepreneurs and the enterprises they build.

Obama’s Bid To Cast Mitt In Hoover Mold
May 25, 2012

Amid all of the commentary this week on what the mayor of the 68th biggest city in the country thinks of the Obama’s campaign attacks on Bain Capital (Democratic blowback!), I’ve seen little analysis of what Obama is actually up to with his critique of Romney. If you take a look at what Obama is actually saying, he’s not only attacking Romney for the infelicitous particulars of private equity, he is more broadly suggesting that Romney’s background as a businessman—the chief asset Romney is running on—does not necessarily translate into being a good president.

September 14, 2011

Mitt Romney has shed the dark blue suit, white shirt, and pale blue tie of his 2008 campaign for an open-neck tattersall shirt with its sleeves rolled up. His sideburns are graying, and his eyes are lined, but he still sports a boyish grin and radiates the can-do enthusiasm of a man who is promising to turn the country around the way he once turned around the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

The Dangerous Flaw in Obama’s Debt Ceiling Speech
July 26, 2011

Barack Obama’s speech Monday night about the debt ceiling will help him politically by painting the Republican opposition as heartless and intransigent and his own approach—to use the word of the night—as “balanced.” Obama even framed the choice in somewhat populist terms by portraying the Republicans as unwilling to ask big business and the wealthy to make the sacrifices they want to exact from the rest of society.

Mitt Romney and the GOP: Don’t Expect Republicans to Choose Electability Over Ideology
June 23, 2011

As Mitt Romney gradually expands his lead in national polls of Republicans, and his would-be “true conservative” rivals struggle to emerge from the Lilliputian pack, there’s a growing consensus that GOP voters are more concerned about picking an electable nominee than in maintaining the conservative purity of their party. This belief nicely coincides with the abiding faith of Beltway pundits that the ideological bender represented by the Tea Party movement is coming to an end as the Great Big Adults of the Daddy Party reassert control.

The Reasonable Mitt Romney
June 16, 2011

Joe Klein, writing in Time, divides the Republican field between sensible moderates like Mitt Romney and nutty outsiders. Here's Mitt Romney being sane and wonky, according to Klein: "Barack Obama has failed America," Mitt Romney said unequivocally at his first New Hampshire town meeting, repeating the signature line of his presidential-campaign announcement speech a day earlier. Unequivocal is not a word that traditionally has been associated with the former Massachusetts governor, but that was then, and the retooled edition of candidate Romney is much improved.