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John Goodman on the Origins of His 'Llewyn Davis' Character
January 24, 2014

This piece first appeared on John Goodman can’t get comfortable. The sofa’s too deep: it dwarfs him like a giant beanbag. It’s strange to see Goodman looking dwarfed.

The New Intolerance
Will liberals regret pushing Christians out of public life?
January 18, 2014

Liberalism has become the new orthodoxy—and there is no room for religious believers to dissent.

Two Physicists are Looking for Time Travelers on Facebook
January 03, 2014

Time travelers may still be out there. But according to this scientific study, they're not hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, or even Googe Plus.

Stop Fawning Over Pope Francis at the Expense of Women and Gay Rights
December 29, 2013

It's time for some perspective on papal hype

The Cobainification of David Foster Wallace
December 16, 2013

Don't let Hollywood ruin the legacy of David Foster Wallace.

There's a $100 Million Bitcoin Heist Going Down Right Now
And you can watch in real time
December 03, 2013

Someone stole $100 million from bitcoin users, and now they're chasing the thief across the internet.

Is Doctor Who a Lefty?
November 27, 2013

This piece originally appeared on Under conditions of war, a British prime minister learns that a heavily armed warship belonging to the hostile power has been detected.

An Interview With Neil Gaiman, the Internet's Favorite Fantasy Writer
"It was much, much more fun being absolutely unknown"
November 21, 2013

"The big thing for me is there’s nothing wrong with escape. Someone who is in a difficult or impossible situation who is offered an unlocked door to somewhere else that they can go through, and they can go through and they can get away..."

What Jane Austen Would Have Thought About the Kardashians
Pretension remains the greatest social crime—and authenticity the greatest virtue.
November 08, 2013

She loved authenticity, chided pretension, and may well have loved them.

The Most Famous Drug-Addiction Cliche is Also a Lie
Against "rock bottom"
November 06, 2013

Waiting for "rock bottom" is cruel, and dangerous