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A Video Game Without Rules Inevitably Devolves Into Lord of the Flies
March 26, 2014

In a game where players can act out any kind of sadistic fantasy on each other—from taking hostage to force-feeding poison to breaking kneecapswhat incentive is there for humans to express their humanity?

Feminism's Un-Celebrated Weapon: Kindness
March 14, 2014

Being the Gone Girl Cool Girl is contingent on presenting the correct selection of individual attributes. Feminism needs to be collective and flexible.

Who Owns the Moon?
We're just going to have to get up there and find out
February 28, 2014

We're just going to have to get up there and find out.

Swearing: The Fascinating History of Our Favorite Four-Letter Words
February 22, 2014

Some of your favorite curse words are older than the English language itself.

What's Behind the New Anti-Semitism?
February 07, 2014

 “This is not the anti-Zionism of people who think that the Palestinians get a raw deal from Israel: it is the anti-Zionism of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

Giant Fungus Towers Will Take Over New York This Summer
February 07, 2014

This piece originally appeared on Remember the fungus chair?

For Syria's Refugees, Europe Is A Road To Nowhere
February 06, 2014

Since the Syrian conflict began, only 10,000 of millions of refugees have been resettled formally in western countries. What's happened to the rest?

John Goodman on the Origins of His 'Llewyn Davis' Character
January 24, 2014

This piece first appeared on John Goodman can’t get comfortable. The sofa’s too deep: it dwarfs him like a giant beanbag. It’s strange to see Goodman looking dwarfed.

The New Intolerance
Will liberals regret pushing Christians out of public life?
January 18, 2014

Liberalism has become the new orthodoxy—and there is no room for religious believers to dissent.

Two Physicists are Looking for Time Travelers on Facebook
January 03, 2014

Time travelers may still be out there. But according to this scientific study, they're not hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, or even Googe Plus.