New Statesman

Why Men Avoid Growing Up
June 13, 2014

A boy gets to play; a man doesn’t, at least not officially.

I Was Kim Jong-il's Poet Laureate
June 13, 2014

Writing helped me join Kim Jong-il's inner circle—until I committed treason.

Can the Spanish Monarchy Survive Without King Juan Carlos?
June 13, 2014

His successor, Crown Prince Felipe, faces many challenges: the growth of republicanism, lessening support for the main political parties and the ongoing moves by Catalonia to become independent. 

Let's Call the Isla Vista Killings What They Were: Misogynist Extremism
May 27, 2014

For too long, misogynist extremism has been excused as an aberration.

The Dangerous New Scientific Racism
May 25, 2014

Why is the West rich and Africa poor? A new book suggests genetic differences are at play—reviving an old lie in a strangely prominent place.

ICYMI: The Internet Has Ruined Our Conception of Time
May 23, 2014

This online acronym is destroying my soul.

Armenia Is an International Superpower—at Chess
May 23, 2014

Dispatches from Armenia, a world power—at chess

Is India's New Prime Minister a Neo-Fascist or a Reformer?
May 16, 2014

Modi, implicated in a massacre in 2002 while chief minister of Gujarat, has been elected as India’s new prime minister. Is he a dangerous neo-fascist, as some say, or the strongman reformer that this country of 1.2 billion people craves?

Modern Life Is Abolishing Loneliness. You'll Miss It When It's Gone.
May 02, 2014

Modern life is abolishing loneliness. And that's a troubling thing.