April 12, 2015

There's Nothing Inevitable About Hillary
12:00 AM

It’s a terrifying thing, living through history. So here goes nothing. And everything.

April 10, 2015

No, ISIS' Attack on Palestinians Doesn't Expose a Double Standard on Israel

Staunch defenders of Israel claim there is—and thus, unwittingly compare the country's actions with the Islamic State's.

Why Pro-Lifers Should Sweat the Details of Abortion Penalties

Rand Paul wants to talk principles, not policies. But for pro-lifers, policies matter too.

Lay Off Ted Cruz's Legal Career
10:24 AM

Liberals shouldn't stoop to Cruz's level.

2015 Is the Year the GOP's "War on Coal" Nightmares Come True
We'll see the largest wave of coal plants retiring in U.S. history
9:12 AM

Prepare for the largest wave of coal-plant shutdowns in U.S. history.

The Next Frontier of Climate Change: State and Local Action in Virginia

State and local politicians, especially those whose communities have suffered from the recent spike in extreme weather events, have been far quicker than Congress to embrace meaningful climate change policies.

Why Hillary Clinton's Campaign Frightens Democrats
7:13 AM

She's the single point of failure for the entire party.

Hillary Clinton Can't Coast on Her Belief in Climate Science
7:12 AM

Just because the GOP field is full of deniers doesn't mean she can be vague about her environmental policies.

Don't Expect Hillary Clinton to Stand Up to Wall Street
7:12 AM

She might channel Elizabeth Warren's rhetoric on occasion, but don't expect Clinton to channel Warren's policies.

April 09, 2015