March 13, 2015

Utah's New Registry for White Collar Criminals Is Inhumane

And it's even more ineffective than a sex-offender registry.

The "Utah Compromise" Was A Victory for Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights. The Next One Won't Be So Easy.
1:22 PM

An upcoming fight over "public accommodations" won't be so neatly resolved.

It's Time to Focus on the Other Fergusons in America

And there are untold thousands of them.

March 12, 2015

How Islamic Is the Islamic State? Not at All.
What The Atlantic got wrong about ISIS
11:20 PM

What The Atlantic magazine got wrong about ISIS.

Ted Cruz Wonders Why NASA Scientists Should Study Planet Earth
5:25 PM

Cruz wants scientists to look away from humans' impact on the planet. 

Conservatives Are No More Biased About Science Than Liberals Are

Both sides fall prey to emotionally motivated reasoning. 

Congress' Walk of Shame on International Deals
11:46 AM

Republicans stalling bills in Congress is nothing new. 

March 11, 2015

A Better Name for Baby Boomers: "The Laziest Generation"
Is it really that hard to use email, Chuck Schumer?
4:52 PM

Is it really that hard to use email, Chuck Schumer?