August 11, 2015

Lawrence Lessig Wants to Play a Little Game With the Presidency
9:13 AM

The Democrat's experiment won't gain much traction nationally, but his real target audience is the front page of Reddit.

August 10, 2015

At War in the Garden of Eden
8:00 PM

Christian militia and ISIS invaders fight for Iraq’s Nineveh Plains.

Donald Trump Brought Fox News to Its Knees
4:45 PM

The four-day war is over, and Trump won.

Freezing Offices Are Just the Beginning of Sexist Workplace Norms
2:56 PM

Some norms can't be solved with a Snuggie—like unequal professional dress codes.

#BlackLivesMatter Is Breathing New Life Into the Die-In

A year after Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, #BlackLivesMatter leads the wave of visual activism.

Wearing My Afro Is Always a Political Act
11:49 AM

For black women, stereotypes associated with afros can’t be shed, but their appeal is a nod to history and tradition.

Carly Fiorina Is Dead Wrong About Paid Parental Leave

Netflix's policy shows precisely what's wrong with relying on the private sector to do "the right thing."

Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Not the Problem
6:30 AM

One year after Michael Brown's death, both liberals and conservatives are still getting it wrong.