July 02, 2014

Chip Kidd Thinks Lena Dunham's Book Cover Could Use an Upgrade
But she's not alone in reviving 70s-style fonts
4:38 PM

But the revival of '70s-style fonts is going strong.

The Making of Belgium's Golden Generation, and Imported Versus Cultivated Talent
It has been noted: maybe the US needs more military bases in Spain and Brazil
3:35 PM

It has been noted: Maybe what US soccer needs is more military bases in places like Spain and Brazil 

Stop Treating Women Like They Don't Know Anything About Soccer
We're not eye candy for crowd shots. And we know the game every bit as well as men.
3:30 PM

We don't go to games to be eye candy in crowd shots. And we know the sport just as well as men. 

What I've Done to Myself By Watching Every Second of This World Cup
Chaucer had his barrels, I have my barn
3:23 PM

In Chaucer's "The Miller's Tale," they were barrels. Me, I have my barn. 

50 Years Later, 'A Hard Day's Night' Is Re-Released
The film captures the charismatic insolence of the young Beatles
2:12 PM

The film captures the charismatic insolence of the young Beatles.

Cleaning Your House Could Make You a More Moral Person
Go wild with the Windex

Go wild with the Windex. 

San Francisco Mapped Every Brothel, Opium Den, and Gambling Parlor During a Moral Panic in the 1880s
The ugly motive behind a beautiful diagram of old Chinatown
12:05 PM

The ugly motives behind a beautiful diagram of 1880s Chinatown 

Chris Wondolowski NOT Missing Easy Shots, in GIFs
Five final, devastating reminders of what might have been
11:45 AM

A final, devastating reminder of what might have been 

A Tribute to DaMarcus Beasley, USMNT's Unexpected Standout
Four consecutive World Cups, one big position switch, boundless heart
10:08 AM

Four consecutive World Cups, and still running

We Know We Work Too Much. Now How Do We Stop It?
9:43 AM

It's time our laws enabled us to unplug.