October 29, 2014

The Director of the Viral Catcalling Video Explains Why It Has So Few White Men
10:34 PM

Because the two-minute video was created from ten hours of footage, it raises questions about omission.

How Female Comedians Went from Self-Hating to the Self-Help Shelf
Amy Poehler's new book is the latest in a boomlet of you-go-girl guides
10:04 PM

Her new book is self-help—and it's fabulous

Jordan Peele Is Making a Horror Movie About "Being a Black Man Today"
6:38 PM

This video shows just how spooky "Key and Peele" can be.

Mindlessness Can Be Just as Productive as Mindfulness
In praise of zoning out
5:20 PM

Mindlessness actualyl enables creative thinking and personal problem-solving.

Taylor Swift Channels 'Gone Girl'
4:06 PM

Swift is channeling 2014’s other sociopathic blond pop princess.

Lytton Strachey Explains What a Strange, Marvelous Creature the Inventor of Modern Biography Was
3:04 PM

"One of the most extraordinary successes in the history of civilization was achieved by an idler, a lecher, a drunkard, and a snob."

October 28, 2014

Jewish History is Not Just About the Holocaust. Finally, a Museum Gets That.
"The last thing Poland needs is a Holocaust museum. … The whole country is a Holocaust museum.”
5:01 PM

Finally, a museum gets that.

The Emily Dickinson of Photography Left Thousands of Negatives Behind When She Died
She secretly took some of the most moving photos of the twentieth century
2:25 PM

She took some of the most moving photos of the 20th century—and hid the negatives away in storage lockers.

Michel Faber Wrote This Heartbreaking Book While His Wife Was Dying. Now He Says It's His Last.
11:57 AM

Is a novel more poignant when you know the author's real-life story?