September 08, 2014

Disagree With Doctors' Diagnosis of Your Kid and You Might Get Arrested
10:00 PM

This is what happened when parents removed their child from a hospital against a doctor's orders.

'A Great Symphony of American Junk'

What David Foster Wallace got wrong about John Updike.

Women Don't Stick with the Sciences. Here's Why.

"I am often insecure about my abilities as a female scientist."

New Ray Rice Video Reminds Us That Domestic Violence is Violent
12:00 PM

But it's a reminder that domestic violence is violent

September 07, 2014

How to Succeed in Silicon Valley Without Really Trying
10:30 PM

Tech investors gave Seth Bannon millions of dollars, even though they knew almost nothing about him.

Ray Bradbury's Venomous, Brilliant Letter to a Writer Who Wanted To Stop Old People From Voting
9:35 PM

"May I suggest an even better alternative? Let us build ovens and gas chambers and really do the job right."

Seth Bannon's Email About Harvard Extension School
8:30 PM

The founder of Amicus explains his education.

Albert Einstein Endorsed a Popular Psychic in 1932. This Is the Controversy that Ensued
8:30 PM

People couldn't believe a man like Einstein would put stock in such things.

September 06, 2014

Why Has the American Literary Canon Admitted So Few Historians?
8:00 PM

Two mid-century scholars finally get their due