October 24, 2014

Is 'Dracula Untold' An Islamophobic Movie?
6:18 PM

If it’s not a larger-than-life action flick where America is saving the world from aliens, chances are Hollywood will get it all wrong.

Is a Community Still a Community Without a Bookstore?
1:20 PM

The borough’s lack of a literary institution is due to neglect, rather than disinterest.

Matt Yglesias Entirely Misunderstands Why the Book Publishing Industry Exists
11:27 AM

And he paints a picture of a sad, sad literary world. 

October 23, 2014

The Award for Dumbest Tweet About the NYC Ebola Case Goes to Someone Very Close to Ted Cruz
10:18 PM

As a statement of fact, he was correct. But he was oh so wrong. 

Ben Bradlee and the Powerful Cold War Georgetown Set
10:00 PM

What he knew—and didn't know—about the CIA.