The Stench of Perfume
September 08, 2011

Hal Vaughan's biography distinguishes itself from the many other Chanel biographies by tackling the dicey subject of Gabrielle Chanel’s activities dur

Lawfare from the Bench
September 05, 2011

IN 1861, acting through his agents, Abraham Lincoln detained a Marylander named John Merryman (who had waged private war against the federal governmen

The Mistakes
September 01, 2011

Zara Steiner has written a masterly sequel to The Lights that Failed, her equally masterful study of international relations from the end of World War

Back to Utopia
August 24, 2011

While most people do not believe that the Garden of Eden can be found, its geographical location has been a point of obsession in the minds of a handf

Springtime for Hitler
August 22, 2011

Jokes about Hitler, Nazis, and concentration camps were pervasive before and during World War II: the least amusing era in history produced its own qu

Can It Have Been Right?
August 16, 2011

Wilson D. Miscamble's The Most Controversial Decision is a full-throated defense of Harry Truman’s decision to drop nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and N

Power to the People
August 08, 2011

After so much has been said about Machiavelli, and so much that should be unsaid, one might be surprised to hear that there is anything new to say at

"Can You Learn Anything From a Void?"
August 02, 2011

Nobody looks into his heart and sees an Eichmann lurking there. And this inability to match up our self-knowledge with our historical knowledge is the

The Invention of Our Music
July 28, 2011

Christopher Page tells the long and complicated story of what people sang for nearly a thousand years before the invention of musical notation. Starti

Dateline Hitler
July 18, 2011

William L. Shirer, born in 1904, was one of the twentieth century’s great reporters. He witnessed many of the key events of the 1930s in Europe at fir