San Francisco Mapped Every Brothel, Opium Den, and Gambling Parlor During a Moral Panic in the 1880s
The ugly motive behind a beautiful diagram of old Chinatown
July 02, 2014

The ugly motives behind a beautiful diagram of 1880s Chinatown 

A Guide to Scott Walker's Hyperpolarized Home Base
June 15, 2014

Scott Walker’s home turf has racial and political divisions that are more extreme than those of nearly any other Midwestern or Northern city.

Homicide Inequality in Chicago—In Maps
Murders have plummeted overall, but much of the city has seen only modest declines or stagnation
June 09, 2014

Murders have plummeted overall, but that's not the whole story. 

This 19th Century Map Could Have Transformed the West
Too bad Congress didn't listen
June 08, 2014

Today's drought-riven west would look very different if Congress had listened to John Wesley Powell

America's 10 Richest Universities Match These Countries' GDPs
April 30, 2014

Matching the top 10 endowments with 10 countries' GDPs.

All the Immigrants in the World, in One Addictive Interactive Map
March 12, 2014

Can you guess which country has the most emigrants from America?

Map: Blockbuster Video Isn't Dead Yet—in Other Countries, Anyway
November 07, 2013

Blockbuster LLC, the once-ubiquitous video rental chain, will close its remaining 300 stores in the United States and end its mail DVD rental service by January 2014, parent company Dish Network Corporation said Wednesday in a press release.

How Energy Efficient Is Your State? (Map)
November 06, 2013

Every year, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) ranks states by energy efficiency, from first to fiftieth.

Hearts of Darkness
The incoherence of the British Empire
June 10, 2013

Was there ever really a British Empire? Cartographers certainly wanted you to think so.