July 31, 2015

Paid Leave This Week: Millennial Dads Discover That Work-Life Balance is Hard
5:22 PM

Most millennial men think men and women should share caregiving responsibilities equally—in theory.

A Winter Olympics in Snowless Beijing Will Be an Environmental Disaster
4:14 PM

The Chinese capital will have to create all of its snow.

Bernie Sanders's Blind Spot on Race Was Imported From Scandinavia
10:47 AM

The limits of democratic socialism in America today.

Campus Police Are Armed and Empowered
8:25 AM

Why would a University of Cincinnati officer pull over a non-student motorist for a minor infraction?

Bernie Sanders Is Starting to Talk About Race—Awkwardly
6:54 AM

He’ll need to do more to appeal to minority voters.

July 30, 2015

Angry About Cecil the Lion’s Death? Take It Out on the Republican Congress.
5:37 PM

The GOP is waging a war on the Endangered Species Act, and on the agency charged with enforcing it.

The Long March Toward Medicare

Medicare and Medicaid became law 50 years ago today. It took nearly as long make it so.

July 29, 2015

Scott Walker's Philly Screwup Wasn't Ordering American on His Cheesesteak
4:19 PM

There's nothing wrong with that. But cutting the line, and leaving a mess? How rude.