July 29, 2015

Scott Walker's Philly Screwup Wasn't Ordering American on His Cheesesteak
4:19 PM

There's nothing wrong with that. But cutting the line, and leaving a mess? How rude.

What Will Obama's Biggest Proposed Climate Action to Date Really Look Like?
3:50 PM

The White House says a final climate plan will be stronger than the draft. Will it?

National Review's Bad Conscience
2:29 PM

Why the magazine is quick to accuse liberals of fascism and Nazism.

Cecil the Lion Has Nothing to Do With Your Politics
1:40 PM

Encouraging people to see their priorities reflected in distant tragedies is a valuable thing, but only when the connections are real.

Pope Francis Against the World

The backlash from liberals and conservatives alike is good for his mission.

July 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton Keeps Ducking Questions About the Keystone Pipeline
3:03 PM

How many different ways can she say "no comment"? Let's count them.

Floods are Getting Worse, and America’s Coasts Are Unprepared

The number of "compound flood events" has increased in coastal American cities in the past century.

Intersection Episode 1: ‘Intersectionality, and Queering Marriage’
11:17 AM

In Intersection’s first episode, Alexander Chee and Linda Villarosa talk marriage equality, Kimberle Crenshaw explains the origins of intersectionality, and a surprise guest talks about growing up in a queer family.

Building a Kinder, Gentler Deportation Machine
10:40 AM

Obama wants to fix his immigration policy, but Republicans might make it worse.

July 27, 2015

Would Republicans Support the Americans with Disabilities Act Today?
1:39 PM

The law passed at a time when Republicans weren’t unanimously opposed to using federal power in service of the common good.