October 12, 2015

Swimming Upstream
8:00 PM

A new collection of essays from the contrarian public intellectual.

Everything You Need to Know About Tuesday's Democratic Debate

What time is it? Will Bernie and Hillary do battle? Or will you fall asleep?

Lawrence Lessig’s Attack Lines for Tuesday’s Debate—Had He Been Invited
3:17 PM

CNN didn't invite the Harvard professor, so he shared his barbs with the New Republic.

The Adults Take the Stage in the Democratic Debate
2:08 PM

It may be boring compared to the Trump Show, but the contrast will be striking.

The Housing Crisis Amid Denver’s Cannabis Boom
11:24 AM

Has legal marijuana—and the resulting economic boom—destroyed Denver's affordable housing market? 

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Need to Be Likable or a "Real Person"
9:41 AM

She just needs to convince Democrats that she's Republicans' fiercest enemy.

October 09, 2015

Ben Carson Is Wrong About the Holocaust: Jews Did Fight Back
3:26 PM

He said the Holocaust would have been "diminished" if Germany’s Jews had been armed. History proves him wrong. 

Has Bernie Sanders Lost His Edge on Climate Issues?
11:22 AM

He was supposed to be environmentalists' champion. What happened?