December 18, 2014

Watching Colbert Makes Conservatives Even More Conservative
12:23 PM

“Not everyone comprehends the nature of Colbert’s satire.”

Stop Making Fun of North Korea
Our laughter is drowning out their horrific human rights record
11:17 AM

Our laughter is drowning out their horrific human rights record.

December 17, 2014

Pulling 'The Interview' Was a Terrible Business Decision
5:47 PM

Movie theaters are in desperate need of a boost—and the controversial comedy could have provided one. 

People Who Worry the U.S. Will "Spoil" Cuba Are Fetishizing Poverty
5:21 PM

Find somewhere else to practice your amateur photography.

Andrew "I'm Not a Scientist" Cuomo Listens to Scientists on Fracking
3:42 PM

The New York governor has announced a ban on fracking.

In Israel, Mocking Hipsters Is Now a Political Statement

In a new ad, Naftali Bennett wears a fake beard and pink watch.

What Life in Cuba Was Like After Castro's Revolution
12:26 PM

Visiting a collective farm, searching for coffee and rum, and more

What Pakistan Must Do to Rid Itself of Violent Extremism
9:43 AM

The country's moment of reckoning has arrived.