Republicans Only Have As Much Leverage As Obama Gives Them
August 23, 2013

“House Republicans have no idea how they’re going to lift the debt ceiling this fall,” Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan report in Politico.

Maybe the Sequester Wasn't So Overstated After All
August 19, 2013

Not long ago, the emerging Beltway consensus was that the impact of the budget sequestration that went into effect last spring had been wildly overstated.

Turbulence Ahead
April 25, 2013

Flight delays are forcing Republicans to face the facts on sequestration.

The Sequester Comes to an Airport Near You
April 23, 2013

If you’re reading this item while you’re stuck at the airport, don’t start cursing your airline just yet. The real culprit may be the sequester.

Once the Sequester Is Solved, Rand Paul Will Go Back to Being an Oddball
March 08, 2013

He better enjoy his moment in the sun, because it'll set once the defense hawks awaken.

If Democrats Want to Solve the Sequester, They Should Move Left
March 04, 2013

Rather than destroy the Republicans, Democrats need to give Republicans a reason to move to the center.

Just Because the World Didn't End Doesn't Mean That Sequestration Isn't Scary
March 01, 2013

Ignore Rush Limbaugh. The sequester is no Y2K. It's dangerously real.

Bob Woodward: Thin Skin, Thinner Argument
February 28, 2013

What The Washington Post scribe doesn't understand about the sequester.

Will the Sequester Start Another Recession?
February 28, 2013

Answers from actual economists from across the political spectrum.