October 23, 2014

The Award for Dumbest Tweet About the NYC Ebola Case Goes to Someone Very Close to Ted Cruz
10:18 PM

As a statement of fact, he was correct. But he was oh so wrong. 

Ben Bradlee and the Powerful Cold War Georgetown Set
10:00 PM

What he knew—and didn't know—about the CIA.

Introducing the Woman-Child: Hollywood's Latest Regression
More death of adulthood in American culture

More death of adulthood in American culture ...

European Soccer Has a Racism Problem. Its Solution: Sexism.
3:18 PM

UEFA's women-and-children policy makes no sense whatsoever.

October 22, 2014

Freaking Out Over Facebook's Egg Freezing Is Just Another Way to Police Women's Choices
10:00 PM

Isn’t this what we want more companies—and, even more, the federal government—to do?

For $2,500 You Can Now Own Joan Didion’s Sunglasses
5:37 PM

A Kickstarter campaign is selling all sorts of weird Didion paraphernelia.