September 03, 2015

We'll Never Have a Tech Utopia
3:42 PM

Technology can't make us into better people. 

Let the Market Solve the College Sports Problem
1:59 PM

Taking money out of the NCAA isn't the solution to the league's problems. We should let the market decide. 

How Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Became My Hero
12:00 PM

Marilyn Mosby is the newest crime-fighting force in Baltimore.

Hillary Clinton's Taste in TV Is So Uncool, It’s Charming
7:00 AM

Close-reading the presidential candidate's pop-culture habits.

September 02, 2015

Where the Dead Refuse to Vanish
8:00 PM

Eka Kurniawan's fiction reckons with a bloody inheritance.

Kermit Has a New Girlfriend? Good. His Last One Was a Domestic Abuser.
5:09 PM

Miss Piggy regularly beat him up, and everyone thought it was funny. Not anymore.

Salman Rushdie's Baffling Arabian Nights
12:34 PM

Rushdie’s new novel aims to skewer superstition and belief—but gets lost in its own games

The People’s Obituary of Henry Kissinger—Before His Death
10:02 AM

Greg Grandin's new book shows Kissinger compulsively drawn towards action for its own sake.

September 01, 2015

Cracking the Cartel
8:00 PM

Turning amateurs into pros won’t stop the exploitation of football and basketball players.

How Digital Media Unionization Can—and Can’t—Strengthen the Labor Movement
7:00 AM

An inside look into digital media's recent unionization efforts.