March 30, 2015

Trevor Noah Is the Latest Sign of Late Night's International Wave
6:09 PM

The South African comic can bring "The Daily Show" fresher targets than Fox News.

Should Young Writers "Wait Their Turn"? This Famous Old Writer Thinks So.

Cynthia Ozick's argument makes no sense in today's literary economy.

What I Learned by Becoming a Bodybuilder at Age 45
2:06 PM

What do you learn when you use your own body in your research?

Ellen Pao Is Following Anita Hill's Example
How taking sexual discrimination claims public forces cultural change
1:24 PM

How taking sexual discrimination claims public forces cultural change.

The Germanwings Mass Murder–Suicide Shows the Importance of Depression Intervention

“We’re social creatures. We’re looking for any way to connect.”

March 27, 2015

Sex Before the Internet Was Scary Enough to Be a Horror Film
2:16 PM

New flick It Follows strips teens of technology so it can kill them with sex.

Millennials Can Make Up Their Minds Only About Sex Ed

Millennials: the most scrutinized generation. 

Love In the Time of Putin
Misha Friedman's intimate portraits of a LGBT couple in Russia.
12:40 PM

Lyudmila and Natasha: Russia Lives is an intimate portrait of a relationship in a politically-fraught country.

March 26, 2015