October 31, 2014

College Sports Aren't Like Slavery. They're Like Jim Crow.

The NCAA needs to change—but let's use the correct analogy.

What You Won't Learn About Thomas Cromwell by Reading Hilary Mantel

Apparently fifteenth-century coronation rituals bred head lice.

Margaret Atwood: “Ooooh! Are We Going to Talk About Dying?”
Talking to the author about feminism, aging, and rewriting Shakespeare
5:35 PM

Talking to the author about feminism, aging, and rewriting Shakespeare.

I Asked My Brother to Donate Sperm to My Wife. That Was the Easy Part.

"Suddenly all the things I'd radically opposed, I started to accept..."

Only 2 Percent of Pre-School Teachers Are Men. Here's Why.
5:00 PM

What it's like to teach pre-school as a man.

The Fall's Best New TV Show Is Actually Fun to Watch
2:42 PM

You should be watching the CW's "Jane the Virgin"

John Keats's Passionate, Lusty Letters Are the Key to His Poems
12:28 PM

Reading what Keats wrote in private helps us better understand those famous odes and sonnets.

The Halloween Concert That Reinvented Bob Dylan
Philharmonic Hall, New York City, October 31, 1964
12:00 AM

Bob Dylan was the cynosure of hip, when hipness still wore pressed slacks and light brown suede boots (as he did that night).