August 28, 2015

Elisabeth Moss’s New Film Explores the Psycho-Horror of Female Friendship
12:57 PM

Queen of Earth gives us Elena Ferrante’s women trapped in a Lars von Trier film.

Who Put Me in the Ashley Madison Database?
10:40 AM

I'm an investigative journalist. So when my email appeared in the Ashley Madison leak, I had to find out why. 

August 27, 2015

The Griot of New Orleans
6:09 PM

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, jazz musician Terence Blanchard tells the story of his hometown. 

The Mystery of Patrick Modiano
5:15 PM

The Nobel Laureate is known for his stories of missing persons—and even in his new memoir remains, himself, elusive. 

August 26, 2015

This Man Is Not Vester Flanagan, and the Media Put His Life in Danger
5:17 PM

The rush to aggregate news can have frightening consequences for innocent people.

It’s Time to Tell the Stories of Women in Hip-Hop
7:00 AM

Women’s considerable contributions to hip-hop deserve to be feted on their own terms.

August 25, 2015

Amy Klobuchar Wrote the “Lean In” of Political Memoirs
2:17 PM

The Minnesota Senator's book doesn’t follow the “Woman Candidate” script.

Delete Yourself
12:54 PM

Even Anonymous thinks this series gets it right.

Ignore the Stock Market This Week
9:54 AM

Of the few families who have money in the stock market, even fewer have something to lose. 

This Surreal Novel Captures the Weirdness of Modern Relationships
9:46 AM

The characters in Alexandra Kleeman’s eerie debut novel don't know what they want.