September 16, 2014

How I Fell Out of Love with Space Tourism
It's elitist, overpriced, and overhyped
8:00 PM

Reinforced Biblical and Koranic beliefs are about the last thing we need from sending people into space...

George Orwell's Brilliant Guide to Writing Well
2:02 PM

Step One: Eliminate every cliche from your vocabulary.

The New Republic Releases "Insurrections of the Mind: 100 Years of Politics and Culture in America"
7:00 AM

The New Republic publishes "Insurrections of the Mind" to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

September 15, 2014

The NFL Owes Domestic Violence Victims a Big, Fat Check
11:01 PM

It wouldn't be charity. It would be restitution.

You Should Absolutely, Positively Read the Canon in College
12:31 PM

The ultimate essay in defense of the masterpieces we know and love.

September 14, 2014

Five Things We Can Do to Reduce Domestic Violence
A national conversation has started. Here's how it should end.
11:02 PM

It's time to do something. Here are five ideas that could really have an impact.

Feminism Has Conquered the Culture. Now Comes the Hard Part
A debate on this unprecedented opportunity

Two female writers battle it out over that very question.

Engineers Created This Soft Pink Robot to Save You in a Fire
6:00 PM

Watch this amazing two-foot-long fleshy-looking robot crawl around. 

Was the Spiritual Father of the GOP Actually a Democrat?

A new history of Lincoln's Republican Party may find favor with liberals, but seems to leave out many details.