June 05, 2014

Louis C.K.'s Best Work Yet
Bringing you the Magyar Pixie Dream Girl
10:48 AM

C.K. is straying from his comfort zone, and he knows it.

"How Au Courant I Am, Eating This Pig Face"
Why some foods become trendy, and others never take off
10:11 AM

Cronuts, Arabica beans, and “I love bacon” bumper stickers—food trends are more about fashion than taste.    

June 04, 2014

The Slenderman Stabbing Shows Girls Will Be Girls, Too
Adolescent angst and violence are not the exclusive domain of boys
11:39 PM

We need to move beyond the (hetero)sexual framework we’ve come to accept as the defining norm of adolescence.

The Day I Met J.D. Salinger
8:00 PM

"I found myself standing in front of my boss and Salinger—Jerry—resisting the urge to smooth my skirt."

Even Emily Blunt Can't Save the New Tom Cruise Movie
3:35 PM

Edge of Tomorrow is lavish, ear-splitting junk

June 03, 2014

Horse Racing Can't Be Saved, Even If California Chrome Wins the Triple Crown
8:00 PM

Performance-enhacing drugs and mistreatment of animals have accelerated the sport's decline.

Why We Don’t Like Stories in Which the Mentally Ill Heroine Recovers
The surprisingly stable afterlife of the author of 'I Never Promised You a Rose Garden'
8:00 PM

What happens when the author of a classic YA memoir of mental illness grows up?

Scientific Proof that Google Is Destroying Your Memory
We know we can depend on Google for information, so we don't bother remembering it
3:02 PM

We know we can depend on Google for information, so we don't bother remembering it.

June 02, 2014

The Last Time Fatcats Tanked the Economy, the Backlash Was Huge. Why Didn't That Happen This Time?
Explaining the power of 21st century plutocracy
8:00 PM

From the Populists to the New Deal, political movements have relied on the middle class. Obama has, just barely, helped them stay comfortable enough to stay home.