Silicon Valley Is Insensitive to Homeless People
July 29, 2013

According to his Twitter profile, Francis Pedraza, founder of Everest, seeks to lead his team "towards our vision of unlocking human potential." It's an interesting goal to consider in light of what Pedraza said last week.

Getting Over It
June 17, 2013

Just last Friday, walking down the street, I saw a handmade sign above a dumpster warning passersby not to deposit their trash there. "Smile. You're on camera," said the sign.

How to Prevent Chinese Employees From Stealing Secrets: Drunk Karaoke
June 14, 2013

That's one consultant's advice, anyway, for paranoid companies.

Big Data Is Not Our Master
June 11, 2013

Humans create technology. Humans can control it.

Why'd He Do It?
June 10, 2013

Since the 29-year-old intelligence contractor Edward Snowden outed himself as the source of the NSA leaks on Sunday, reporters and pundits—heck, even Snowden himself—have compared him with Bradley Manning, the Army private on trial for passing classi

Google's Latest Product Isn't Free: It's Called 'The Internship'
June 07, 2013

It should come as no surprise that The Internship, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's dude flick about being 40-something summer interns at Google, is a two-hour infomercial for the famously fun-loving company.

Why Tech Companies Are Better Than Phone Companies at Protecting Your Privacy
June 06, 2013

Verizon may not have been able to fight a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order, revealed last night by the Guardian, to hand over subscribers’ call data to the National Security Agency.

The Myth of the ‘Twitter Police’
June 02, 2013

What a Washington Post story gets wrong about online outrage.

The Drain Catcher
May 31, 2013

Even superstar athletes fall for get-rich-quick schemes. Managing them is Corey Galloway's business.

The Myth of the Lone Inventor

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is wrong to oppose government subsidies. After all, he benefitted from them.