Apple Agonistes
What happens to Mac fanatics when the brand bums them out?
February 27, 2013

What happens to Mac fanatics when the brand bums them out?

E.T. in the Age of the Cellphone Camera
Can UFO culture survive ubiquitous videography?
February 19, 2013

UFO believers used to cite grainy images as proof of visiting spaceships. But scores of people captured the Russian meteor strike via cellphone video cameras. Cheap and ubiquitous, that technology has changed the nature of proof for unusual phenomena. Which may be bad news for those UFO hunters.

Microsoft's Mark Penn Mistake
The tech giant is treating Google like a political rival
February 15, 2013

It's running a political campaign against Google.

The Inside Story of Why Aaron Swartz Broke Into MIT and JSTOR
The Italian retreat that radicalized the Internet prodigy
February 13, 2013

A two-day retreat helped radicalize the Internet prodigy.

Why Social Movements Should Ignore Social Media
February 05, 2013

Groups like Occupy Wall Street embraced the open-source logic of the Internet as an organizing principle. It explains a lot about why movements fail. 

How Do You Stop Racism on Twitter?
Not by shaming or prosecuting users, for starters
January 31, 2013

France wants to prosecute people who write racist tweets. America prefers a different approach: vigilante justice. Neither one will solve the problem.

Goodbye, iPhone Rollout Event. Hello, iPhone Rollout Season!
September 12, 2012

Steve Jobs made product launches into media events. Now those same Apple rollouts determine the schedules of a bunch of other companies.